Off-topic ? Aomori Nebuta Festival in Japan


Well yeah I guess this is going to be off-topic. There’s not really much Pandora content to fit in that story, while I did use my Pandora SD Card slots to make space before making the videos of the Nebuta Festival in Aomori, a city in the northern part of Japan. This festival is famous for its huge lighted paper structures, and you’ll probably understand why I made the trip after checking the below video and pictures.

I was there last week – for the festival itself. The festival starts at night, at 7 pm (yeah night starts early in Japan, even during summer) and lasts for about 2 hours. There are about 60 major carriages that go through town during that time, lighted up from the inside by LEDs to make their colors come out and shine.


The carriages are on wheels but most of the movement is insured by numerous carriers who need to push/pull these heavy structures. Here’s the video below, as well as the link here if you are reading this on your Pandora (YTDownloader). While I’d recommend you check the full HD version of that video, if you can.

As you can see the carriage usually has two faces, with different scenes at the back and the front. They can both be pretty amazing.


There are many unique festivals in Japan, but Nebuta is certainly one of the finest. There’s really nothing that comes close to it, and the art and skill that goes into making these structures is pure genius. I was thoroughly impressed seeing it in real life even though I knew what to expect.

And let’s not forget the marching musicians who beat the taiko as they walk and who play the flute while following the carriage. They are a big part of the atmosphere as well.


I have been living in Japan for many years already but this was my first time in Aomori, and I’d recommend anyone coming to Japan in August in the future to try to see this. It’s really awesome.

I hope you won’t mind this off-topic post. I intend to keep these rare, but if by pure chance you happened to enjoy it, do tell me in the comments and I could make one of these posts every week or so, just to give you some additional reading.

Some technical details: I took the above video with the Canon 6d, and while I don’t own any stock with Canon, you can judge for yourself: it’s actually a very decent camera to film at night.

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Mr Loon

Looks awesome, particularly like the look of the taiko.

Always interested to hear about Japanese culture so from my perspective post away even if it is off topic. 🙂


Yes, please, continue these posts about japanese culture. They are really enjoyable :).

Disclaimer: I´m somewhat biased, as I´m in fact learning japanese (and have been doing so for the last 6 years… slow pace, I know) X-).