November Compo Results and December Challenge!


I am a couple of days late for the results of November – sorry about the delay, especially since the competition was raging till the very last days. The piece of news this time is that we have a draw at the top, and that’s a first.


1. Canseco 41520
2. Elwing 37440
3. matti1234 36105
4. alexandre 31555
5. Package 26550

Canseco has managed to beat Matti in the end, and Elwing secured the second post in the last few days too. Package made a surprising entry in the top 5, pushing FZero out.


1. Gandi 60928
2. Elw3 60248
3. Asmo 53116
4. jasay 37640
5. Package 31552

No change at all since last week in the top, while Asmo improved his score and grabbed the third place. Package here again took the 5th place and pushed Alexandre out. What an outsider!

BosonX: Geon

1. matti1234 42992
2. Voyageur 41110
3. Canseco 38496
4. alexandre 36551
5. Ziz 35882

Very interesting what happened in the last few days. Matti and Voyageur could beat their own high scores and go above the 400% limit! Canseco even managed to get a third spot, taking Alexandre’s place at the last minute!


We have a draw! Canseco and Matti are both at the with with 15 points. If you really want a winner you can add both scores since they could be compared (Matti 79097, Canseco 80016), but it may not be entirely fair since both games are quite different. I would say they both deserved their first spot. At least the third spot was clear and uncontested with Gandi grabbing it.

1. matti1234 15
1. Canseco 15

3. Gandi 10
4. Elw3 7
4. Voyageur 7
4. Elwing 7
7. alexandre 6
8. Asmo 5
9. jasay 3
10. Package 2
11. Ziz 1
11. FZERO 1

December Compo

We are already a few days in December, sorry for the delay. Here is the selection for this month:

  • Super Methane Bros
  • Not Tetris
  • PuzzleTube (Points Mode)

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