New Resource on Pandoralive : Wallpapers!


This was something I had been thinking about for a while, and today I just had the time to do it. So from now on, you can use Pandoralive as a resource to upload and download wallpapers for your Pandora desktop environment, i.e. at the right resolution and aspect ratio: 800 * 480 pixels. Everything is in the new page, called Wallpapers, up on the right.

Here’s the direct link in case you can’t move your mouse up. You’ll already find a number of wallpapers already uploaded by community members (and some of mine, too). Most of mine are Japan-related. The first one is the artwork made by Traylorpark that I use for every Pandora I prepare in Japan for local distribution. It goes very well with the Japan box artwork (well, it’s a part of it!).

I hope this will be useful for many of us, to refresh our Pandora environment once in a while with a nice picture. Note that all uploads will need pre-approval before being published in the list, and I’ll try to be selective so that we only have very good ones there. Feel free to complain if you think my judgment is not appropriate 🙂

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Tried my hand at resizing and uploading a few wallpapers I had. Enjoy!


Is it possible to tweak the gallery (or use alternative software) to render the previews in a more appropriate aspect ratio for the Pandora’s screen. 1:1 is a pretty poor way of previewing 16:9 images!