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Did you notice it, there, above? On the menu bar below Pandoralive lies a new item called Resources. Here’s a short post to explain what this is all about, and why I thought it would (kind of) make sense.

Well it’s fairly simple. You can always use a search function of the categories tags on the main page to find something but it’s not usually organized well. These are just results provided based on database queries and so on. I value having a proper Resource page curated by hand, so that one can have a quick look at the different resources and articles available on Pandoralive.

I call “resources” all articles where there is something to learn and experience. So, pure news-related posts (such as the weekly repo news) or opinion rants will not be featured inside there. I have also added some of the repositories of programs source codes from a number of different authors from the Pandora scene. If you are beginning development on Pandora this can be a useful place to start looking how things are done. Or you may as well check some of the tutorials for porting I linked there.

This is still very much in construction but I wanted to draw your attention on it. If this is your first time on Pandoralive, or if you only come once in a while, this may be a good idea to have a look at that list of resources to find out in one glance if there is something relevant for you. Let me know if you have any idea or suggestion on top of that.

This being said, enjoy the rest of the week!

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