The Name of the Successor


There’s been lots of debate on the Pandora boards over the past weeks/months/years about what should the potential Pandora successor be called. Now Evil Dragon has put an end to the suspense by asking people to vote in a poll for their favorite name. The outcome is not really surprising. And the new name is likely to be…


At least, if Evil Dragon follows the majority (which he could decide not to). Personally I preferred DragonFly, but well… the other names proposed were not very appealing anyway. At least it matches well with the official shop from ED called DragonBox as well. Too bad the name DragonBox does not carry much meaning otherwise. But if people like it, I don’t really care that much. I will be more interested in the final specs of the product, its design and everything else that goes around it.

By the way, take a look at the most likely specs revealed a couple of days ago, if you missed them. We’ll probably hear more and more in the next 6 months.

That’s it, probably my shortest post ever.

EDIT: just after I posted this ED announced another poll where he indicated DragonBox would only be the name of the series, but there would be a second name used for the model itself. At the time of writing, Pyragon seems to have the edge on the others, and I can’t help but thinking that something called the DragonBox Pyragon sounds very awkward. The poll will be opened until Dec 13th.

EDIT2: Dec 5, 8 AM Japan time – it seems like Dragonbox Miriad is the current leading name, while Dragonbox DragonFly is a close contender.

EDIT3: May 22, 2015: very late, but in case you were not aware by now, the final name is going to be DragonBox Pyra.

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Perhaps you want to add one more update to this one 😉