My Day with the Pandora (Ekianjo)


I often hear the question… what do you do with your Pandora? Well, instead of providing a list of bullet points, I realized it is probably wiser to describe a typical day with the Pandora, from morning to evening.

I wake up about one hour before I have to leave for work in the morning. During that time, I get ready and have a light breakfast. There on the table I leave my Pandora open at an angle, so that I can eat while looking at the screen. I connect with the wifi on my email account with Claws Mail. I could do the same thing on my smartphone but if I need to answer an email it is way faster to have the Pandora at hand to type. After about 10 minutes I am done with the emails and do some browsing with the Arora browser. Here again I usually check websites such as Hacker News, Open Pandora forums, where I may leave comments if I see an interesting post. Arora is blazingly fast to load and display pages, there is really nothing like it even if I like Firefox for its plugins.

Once I leave home I have to walk for 5 to 10 minutes to the train station. An ideal time to put some headphones on and enjoy playing lossless FLAC music files on my Pandora using Audacious. I usually select a playlist before leaving home and let it run by itself.


Once in the train I take my Pandora back in hand for some reading, as I have a 15 minutes ride. Using FBReader I continue reading one of my ebooks usually in epub format. Using the Dpad to scroll down is very practical, and the full screen mode makes it easy to focus on the book and nothing else.


My final station approaching, I usually close FBReader and this one saves my last position in the book automatically. Great to rely on. Sometimes instead of reading I check what I need to do in the upcoming days using TaskWarrior, the terminal-only todo list manager. You cannot make it more simple to use, yet it has some powerful functions such as tagging, filtering and priority setting. Handles it all very well.

At work my Pandora stays in the drawer until lunch time. If I take my lunch outside, I try to find a place like a cafe to change my mind playing a few games. Recently DraStic, the fantastic DS emulator from Exophase gets all my attention, but it could be just anything else, like the recent Eduke32 port of Duke Nukem 3D. Excellent to get rid of stress or daily frustrations. If I am more in a learning phase, I would play a few Coursera videos to continue studying some subjects of interest, using SMPlayer2.


After a long day at work, on the way back the Pandora is still with me, and that may be a good time for some lighter piece of reading using Comix to read digital comics or manga. Being a curious person at heart, I also tend to check once in a while Evopedia, a full offline dump of Wikipedia (english version is more than 13 gigabytes) if I have heard about something I did not know of during the day. Since most of the contents of Wikipedia are not ever-changing, even a 6 month old dump is pretty useful. A huge encyclopedia at the palm of your hands, without the need of network connection and lag.


Back at home, I usually switch on the big PC to do more work (OpenSUSE, no Windows here), but when I spend time in the living room I keep my Pandora close to me, either checking news on websites with Liferea, a fantastic RSS feeds manager, or transforming my Pandora into a digital clock with PandoraClock since I hate wearing a watch on my wrist. I need to keep a look at the time as I have phone calls with other folks living in other countries almost every day, and PandoraClock can help me set up an alarm or show the time in a different time zone to keep track of when is my next call.


Once I am finally done with work, I may spend a little more time gaming on Pandora but every now and then I also start gPodder to check the latest podcasts from “Rendez-vous avec Monsieur X”, a program focusing on the unknown aspects of historical events, as well as TedTalks to check the latest presentations from the TED events. They usually have worthwhile content as well and gPodder plays then right away since it includes its own SMPlayer.

Time to sleep. I need to plug in my smartphone for a charge, since its battery dies every single day before nightfall. And the Pandora? No need. I just keep it closed. It goes into low power mode, and next morning it will not have lost much power and will still run like that for the next 2 days even though I use it 2 to 3 hours a day. It will even power my power hungry smartphone in emergency – and that happens A LOT.

Needless to say, the Pandora has become a very useful device for me, well beyond the boundaries of gaming. And this is just a short list of what it can do, for example I typed this whole post on Pandora on LibreOffice.


And my fingers have yet to hurt.

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Great read! Enjoy your pandora and keep up blogging!


Enjoyed the entry and your blog…keep it up and see you on the Pandora boards!


That’s a hot girl you saw on the “hacker news” there! heheh

And your studying “traditional japanese undergarment for males”?
LOL great page to feature… why are you researching that? haha

I enjoyed this article, and really LOLd at the Fundoshi page!

There’s so many things we can do with Pandora, it’s great to see how you’re using it.


aargh, a your / you’re error. I never do that! *disgrace* :o(


Excellent post with great info about using the Pandora throughout the day….

Look forward to more posts like this along with all the other great posts so far…

Thanks for creating this blog!



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Another great “My Day” article 🙂


Never new about taskwarrior. Just compiled it on my N900. Looks pretty good.Thanks for the article. It is very useful to show how versatile the OpenPandora is.