Mupen 2.0 Coming Soon on Pandora!


Until now when I was presenting the Open Pandora to newbies, I have usually never failed to mention it was an excellent all-purpose emulator machine in the palm of your hands… “except for N64” is what I was always careful to add, too. Our last Mupen release was not performing as well as most people wish and unfortunately it made many games unplayable. PtitSeb has taken on himself to change things and is currently working on Mupen 2.0.

At the time of writing this is all still in closed beta, so you cannot really try it for yourselves yet, but this is already very promising. Here’s a video compiled by ED himself below, showing how well the current version runs! (youtube link)

As you can see you can use upgraded texture packs for several games without too much impact on performance, which is really cool to enhance visual quality.

There are several games which may be difficult to emulate even with the progress accomplished so far (Conker’s Bad Fur Day seems to be heavy on the CPU), and PtitSeb is currently working on optimizing the different rendering engines available and implementing a working frameskip function. And on top of that there are several glitches in a few games. And it lacks a proper GUI, too… 🙂

It’s difficult to know when everything will be done, but you can expect it will be thoroughly tested when it comes out!

Many thanks to all involved in the closed beta, and hopefully very soon I will be able to claim the Pandora can emulate everything, INCLUDING the N64 🙂



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Wonderful news 🙂

Stephan Sokolow

Great news… but let’s just hope that this work results in something optimized enough to at least play Mario 64 comfortably on a Rebirth Edition Pandora.

I could never get acceptable performance out of the configs people were recommending and I can’t justify buying a 1GHz unit when they came out so soon after I bought my current one.


I have tested Mario 64 on a CC. It works well, but I have a strange color problem with the Glide plugin. This problem doesn’t show up on a Gigahertz, and I have yet to test with a Rebirth.
I have to investigate this rendering problem (driver issue probably).