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March 2013 was the first month for I have had the idea to toy with a blog about the Pandora for a while, and since no one decided to do it after Pandorapress shut down, well… I did it and several writers accepted to join the team as well, and many guests answered the requests for guest posts or Q&A. Now, let’s have a look at which articles have proved the most popular over the past few weeks. Here’s the monthly Top 5!

Number 5: Pandora Browsers: Which One is The Best?

I did spend a lot of time to write this article and honestly it was a lot of fun to put numbers behind what “felt” better over extended periods of usage. There was a lot of feedback on that article, and I may have to revisit the contents in a couple of months, considering the fact that browser updates keep going on.

Number 4: My Day with the Pandora (Ekianjo)

This article about how I spend my days with the Pandora was quite popular, and since it was well received it has sparked a series of articles from other guest posters on the same subject. See the experience from EvilDragon last week, and last week’s feature with _wb_, the author of Pandora Microbes. Expect more articles on a regular basis.

Number 3: Why Support the Pandora?

In this article I tried to explain why the Pandora generated interest in the first place, and who was supporting it and if there was still a reason to support it. It seems that several readers felt exactly the same way after reading the article. Glad you liked it.

Number 2: Applimulator (apkenv +apkenv.ui)

This review of apkenv for Pandora from crow_riot was one of the first articles published on Pandoralive and still gets hits almost every day. There is ongoing interest about this piece of software, and while it seems that crow_riot has put it on hold for now, there are great expectations for future development.

Number 1: Compo4All: Making Arcade Games Social Again

No surprise here on the first spot, since this article managed to stay on the first page of Hacker News for about one hour on the day it was published. Many thanks to all the HN readers who upvoted it, checked it and maintained it visible. Congratulations to Skeezix as well who managed to create a great software from a great idea to begin with, and who did an excellent job to answer my questions in a friendly and precise way.

I admit I was a little surprised not to see the DraStic (DS emulator for Pandora) articles in the top 5. It could simply be that most people were already very much aware of it and did not both checking them out – it did already deserve a lot of attention on the DragonBox competition.

Thanks to all the readers, the writers (Dredd, Quartercast), the team members (hitbyanambulance) the contributors (ED, _wb_, Skeezix) so far, who made this blog possible in the first place. Please don’t forget to share articles around you (twitter, facebook, email), to subscribe to the weekly newsletter (we don’t spam), and to post comments to articles. Feedback is a (free) gift.

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