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This is a little bit overdue, but here is an overview of the Top 5 articles consulted on Pandoralive over the last month. It’s a good chance for you to confirm you did not miss anything that many people considered relevant… There are a few surprises, but I will let you check that out for yourself.

First of all, there were no articles that clearly went “over the top” in terms of views during the last month, which is expected since there were no links to larger sites. So you can expect that the following articles were pretty much in the same range of unique page views. Let’s go from through the Top 5 from bottom to top.

5. Porting Arkanoid to the Pandora. Here’s How.

This article from PtitSeb proved to still be popular and was mentioned several times in the developer boards. It remains a good reference on how to do simple portings, and hopefully will remain a good example for all beginning porters on the Pandora.

4. My Day With The Pandora (Budweiser)

Budweiser’s post on his experience with the Pandora was quite memorable. It has all the drama you can expect from a good soap opera, with the up and downs related to the Pandora issues in the early years, and the joy of using it by yourself or with family members.

3.Top 10 Things To Do After Reflashing

After having some issues myself while trying to do something unorthodox (adding users to the default system using the terminal – friendly advice: don’t do it!!), I had to reflash and referred to the article I wrote at that time. It is a useful reminder for me so I wouldn’t forget what to do, and this is probably useful for many other users as well.

2. Applimulator (apkenv +apkenv.ui)

This is a big surprise for this month. Even though the article has been published right after the launch of this blog in March, it is still being widely consulted and read. This is probably due to the wider popularity of apkenv which is not Pandora specific. Please note, by the way, that apkenv has been updated recently and makes it possible to play World of Goo now.

1. The Deep Seeds of DraStic, DS Emulator

While this article on the development of DraStic was published late in April, it still managed to reach the first spot in views. It is a great story about development, motivation and emulators in general, and Exophase’s detailed answers make it a worthwhile read. If you have not checked it out yet, you know what to do!

That’s all for now. We’ll check again in a month, and you can count on there being more “major” articles in the meantime.

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