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Another month has passed and we enter “summer”. Yeah, I’m sure you appreciate the irony if you are in one of the numerous countries where it still feels like winter and you get nothing but rain everyday. So much for “global warming” huh? Anyway, here’s a short overview of which articles on Pandoralive managed to grab your attention over the past 30 days.

As usual we’ll go through a top 5, from the 5th to the first.

5. Be More Successful in 7 Steps

Seems like a number of people actually took notice of this little rant including my advices on how to be more successful in life, and more specifically in the Pandora scene. It’s mostly about how to build your image and how to further advertize your creations and your ports. Still very much valid so you’d better have a look if you are a developer!

4. Kindle PaperWhite vs Pandora: Epic Fight!

This comparison between the Kindle and the Pandora for ebook reading started as a little joke, but actually there are reasons to prefer the Pandora over the Kindle, most of them being software-related. Of course, you can’t beat the quality of the Kindle’s screen, but unless you already have both, it’s worth reading to understand whether you REALLY need one on top of your Pandora.

3. On Keyboards… and Mobility.

This was an excellent guest post comparing how practical it is to type on the go with different keyboard-equipped devices on the bench. Not surprisingly, the Pandora fares very well but you already know that if you possess one. If you were wondering whether it’s any good, this post is a good reference.

2. Applimulator (apkenv +apkenv.ui)

It has been already three months since this article showed up in the top five. How to explain this? Well, it’s very likely due to a wide interest in this software (not only for Pandora), and this may be one of the few articles written on the subject. Anyway, if you are a new Pandora owner and don’t know what apkenv is or what it does, it’s a good chance to catch up to see how you can run Android games almost “natively” without booting Android.

And the winner is…

1. Bittorrent Sync: A Viable Dropbox Replacement?

I’m really glad to see this came first, because Bittorrent Sync is such an excellent software that it really deserves it. It basically mimics most of the Dropbox functionality and fills a gap in the Pandora’s software offering. I really recommend you use this to transfer files between your PC and your Pandora instead of using other means. However note that the client is still closed source so there’s some uncertainty whether your files can be seen by someone else or not (but just like Dropbox, in the end). Until an full open source solution becomes available, that still remains your best way to do synchronize files seamlessly.

That’s all for May. Have fun in June and please come back on Pandoralive often to read our articles, reviews and post your comments!

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You do realise it’s only Summer in the northern hemisphere right? It feels very much like winter here at the moment because oh look at that, it *is* winter. 😉