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We are already in August. Summer is half over. At least I hope, because I’m already roasting where I live. Fuck the Sun, seriously. And the orbit we are on as well. Why can’t the planet just run in a proper circle around the fireball, I’m asking you. Anyway, this will remain a mystery, just like the Top 5 articles from this month. Really weird results there.

5. VPN Connection for Hipsters with Pandoras

Seems like you hipsters are a lot of people! Or were you simply attracted by the relative anonymity provided by VPN access? Whatever the reason this article may have been helpful for you guys who want to go BEYOND the boundaries of your internet connection… or you country. Let me know if you want more articles on this kind of topics.

4. What Kind of Software Are We Missing?

This topic started just one year ago when I asked the community on the boards this very question. In this article I revisited what was accomplished in the past year since the requests came in, and you will see, if you check this one, how much has been done by just a few folks. Good job everyone! There’s still work to do, in case you wondered.

Now we are entering the realm of pure bizarreness. Outer Limits is a joke next to what comes next.

3. DraStic: A Promising Emulator (1.2.0)

Why… Why? This is a super old article (from the very beginning of PandoraLive) and I have seriously no idea why it suddenly gained so much attention, especially since it’s not the latest article on the subject. What the…? If any of you know the reason, please come forward.

2. DraStic, The Fastest DS Emulator on ARM, is Back

Yeah, right. Now the later article on DraStic is also in the top 5. Makes perfect sense… and I guess the interview of Exophase about the development of DraStic is next, huh?

1. The Deep Seeds of DraStic, DS Emulator

I knew it. Well, we have a mystery on the table fit for Layton or Phoenix Wright. We have a clear motive: a certain amount of readers were suddenly interested to learn more about DraStic… But why now? And where did they come from? So many questions and so few answers in my PandoraLive Logs…

Any convincing conspiracy theory is welcome.

This being said, while this is not an article per se, one resource page has been accessed without restraint in July, the Selected Sofware one, where you can find a carefully selected list of software to use on your Pandora. This is probably due to the visibility it received on the boards when I mentioned it in mid-July. Glad it proved useful to many. I will keep updating it now and then, so keep your eyes on it ok?

Ekianjo off.

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