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Yeah, October already. Time for the maple trees to turn yellow and then red here in Japan, which is pretty nice to stroll around before the winter comes. So, you know the drill. September is over, so now we will be checking what you guys have read the most on PandoraLive over the past 4 weeks. So, is DraStic STILL the center of attention on Pandoralive? Or not ?

5. Remember the Japan Edition Box ? 

That’s a “non-article” kind of post, since I was basically just reminding you guys that the Japan exclusive box edition for the Pandora is now offered to collectors from all over the world. You can buy it either empty of filled with some goodies from Japan. I can let you know that, so far, I have shipped 4 of them since I enabled this. There’s a few more available, so if you feel like one (empty or not), don’t hesitate. Everyone who got one so far was very happy with it.

4. Tokyo Games Show 2013. Meh.

My road-trip to the TGS and back has been gaining quite a popular following since this article was published only very recently. If you haven’t checked it out yet, basically it’s about my impressions from my recent visit at the TGS, and how I was disappointed by the “next gen” consoles and the line-up offered there. People have said the article was entertaining, so you might want to check it out just for that.

3. Who is Kenta Cho ?

Right. Who is this guy ? What, you missed the article ? Kenta Cho is this famous Japanese game creator who made most of the shooters available on the Pandora in the repo. He did not make the Pandora versions but since his code source is available, several porters did that job. Since Kenta Cho is in Japan just like me, I reached him to know a bit more about him and his interests. Worth a read if you like shooters.

2. My Day With The Pandora (TraylorPark)

This is another Japan-based story (wow, 4 in a row!, we are on to something here), since I met Traylorpark in Japan thanks to the Pandora a little more than a year ago and since then we have been meeting up several times. Traylorpark is a talented designer who did the design for the Pandora Japan Box, and who happens to use his Pandora a lot too for business and for fun. His article describing his usage is really insightful!

1. There and Back Again… Gamescom 2013

Not Japan related, and not from me either! This is an article by PtitSeb about his trip and his experience at the Gamescom 2013 in Germany where he was able to meet many people from the Pandora community. A must read if you want to see actual pictures of community members and to get some feel how things were there.

That’s all for now! Try to catch up if you missed anything, and we will be back very soon with more articles… 🙂


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