Monthly Software News Sep. 15th to Oct. 14th 2015


As you know the pre-pre-order campaign for the Pyra has begun and most of the conversations now on the boards seem to revolve around the Pyra, but let’s not forget that the Pandora is still very much alive and getting a lot of updates and new releases. This past month has been another exciting one.

Updates (15):

  • Otter Browser: updated to latest sources and de-activate auto-updater.
  • KeePassX: QT5 in this new build with updated sources.
  • Tanks of Freedom: Second beta released, this game has evolved a lot since its first release.
  • Krystal Drop: menu fix for the CC unit.
  • Hase: some features modified and the startup script is modified as well.
  • Reicast: updated sources.
  • GIgalomania: now updated to the latest sources, and the game has a tutorial now.
  • FileZilla: updated to latest sources, with updated libs, and font size adjustments.
  • C64 Toolbox: updates tools and docs.
  • FooBilliard: some graphical fixes.
  • Qupzilla: updated to latest stable version.
  • VChar64: updated sources.
  • Xash3d and Xash3d- HL Uplink: fixed a bug preventing a new game from starting.
  • QMidiArp: last stable release.
  • Exult: a newer version of this Ultima7-like engine to run one of the best RPGs of all time.
  • Qjackctl: latest release compiled with QT5.

New Releases (13):

  • FreeOrion: a free space trading simulation game.
  • Hocoslamfy: a flappy bird clone.
  • UAE4ARM: now finally out of beta, this new version of the Amiga Emulator by TomB now works with a new core for better accuracy.
  • SDLPoP: a port of Prince of Persia, recompiled from the MS-DOS version.
  • Xpinguins: little pinguins climbing on your desktop windows. Yeah.
  • OGSMahjong: a Mahjong-like game, using glshim – note that this requires a 4.10 SGX driver.
  • Out of Order: a point’n click adventure game using the SLUDGE engine.  Expect lockups on CC.
  • Scorched Earth 3D: The classic artillery game, in 3D. Playable online as well.
  • Ultimate Stunts: PtitSeb has spent many hours on this port to take it from a too slow, unplayable state to having something that runs well enough. This is an open take on the old DOS game Stunts.
  • My Little Investigations: a neat adventure game featuring your favorite pony characters, running just fine on Pandora (but you need a swap file!).
  • Open Notrium: an open source version of Notrium, a top-down survival game.
  • EasyRPG Player: a cross-platform language and RPG creation tool. This launcher can execute games made with EasyRPG.
  • Skat: a port of a card game that’s apparently popular in Germany,

As you can see PtitSeb is back at the top of its game with a very productive month and many new daring ports. There is a lot to talk about and unfortunately I lack time recently to cover everything properly, so if anyone is interested to contribute on Pandoralive, please let me know in the comments!

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