Monthly Software News Oct. 15th to Nov. 14th 2015


A little late update again. There were actually a bunch of updates in the past month on the repo, while not too many new releases. Note that Codeblocks has seen a major update recently – this is a great toolchain if you are interested to port things to the Pandora.

Updates (32):

  • amsynth: updated sources.
  • Claws Mail: updated sources to stable release.
  • Qtractor: latest beta version.
  • Qjackctl: updated to latest sources.
  • Qmidiarp: latest stable resource.
  • Twin-e: fixed menu behavior.
  • Spacefm: minor upstream version.
  • PPSSPP: in sync with the git repo. Do not expect much performance improvements anymore, but compatibility may be improving bit by bit.
  • Freeciv: latest stable release.
  • ZEsarUX: cleaned up libs and changed some defaults.
  • QMMP: latest stable release.
  • Codeblocks: a major release since this now bumps GCC to 5.2 and includes QT5 as well. For those who are not aware this is what PtitSeb uses to do most of his ports on Pandora.
  • RSSGuard: updated sources.
  • Gamestreamer: not sure what the update actually changed, since there is no changelog.
  • Java Runtime: updates the official JAVA and openjdk to recent versions.
  • Tiled: updated to latest stable.
  • Kodi: updated to 15.2 the most recent release.
  • Vdrift: slightly faster build.
  • UAEARM: many bug fixes and freshly compiled with GCC 5.2.
  • EasyRPG player: updated to fresher sources and a couple of fixes.
  • FreeOrion: Fall back to 0.4.5 sources to solve regressions.
  • Hase: the most recent update makes the AI a little easier to beat.
  • NeverBall / Neverputt: slghtly faster build using the latest glshim.
  • OpenTTD: updated to latest stable release.
  • Vchar64: latest stable release.
  • Mandelbrot Sample: improved compatibility with the PC version of the same soft.
  • DeadBeef: in sync with the version 0.7 on git, and an additional bug fix.
  • Otter browser: updated to latest souces, with QT5, and fixed crash at launch.
  • Asesprite: latest stable release.
  • Ufo: Alien Invasion: updated to 2.6 sources, and using glshim for rendering.
  • Mediateckview: updated to latest git sources.
  • Qupzilla: added latest bugfixes.

New Releases (7):

  • SuperTux2 : a new port by Loic (the son of PtitSeb!) – the well known Tux platform game.
  • xjadeo: a simple video player that gets audio input from jack.
  • Jump’n Bump: a game involving rabbits that kill each other by jumping on their heads. Fun, but with a flawed AI if you play against the computer.
  • TEgRIS: a remake of Blockout, a 3D tetris. This one uses glshim.
  • EvilWM: a port of EvilWM, a minimal windows manager.
  • Gorylinch: a top-down dungeon crawler needed a lot of resources (a 1Go swap file is required) and using glshim.
  • Nazghul: a top down RPG like the old Utimas.

That’s all for this time!

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“Hase: the most recent update makes the AI a little easier to beat.”
The option can be used for that purpose, but in fact I implemented it to make the AI harder for me. 😉