Monthly Software News Nov. 15th to Dec. 14th 2015


I hope you guys had a good break for Christmas, if you celebrated it, and that you are now looking forward to celebrating New Year very soon. The Pandora is not getting any younger, but there’s still a bunch of software that came our way in November/December, including notable releases such as Diablo II from Notaz, and Wing Commander Saga from PtitSeb. Yup. that’s right.

Updates (9):

  • qpdfview: updated sources.
  • Chromium: an update with some hacked GLES2 support.
  • ZynAddSubFX: updates sources, new stable release.
  • HyperRogue: new updated lib and some bug fixes.
  • PaleMoon: update to the latest sources.
  • Vchar64: latest stable release.
  • SunVox: minor fixes and touchscreen issue should be solved now.
  • GINGE: this software makes it possible to play games from the GP2X F100/F200 games – it is not an emulator per se but acts like WINE on Linux PCs. Notaz just recently updated the previously old build that was in the repo.
  • Qupzilla: with an updated openssl lib.

New Releases (11):

  • xsnow: to make it snow on your desktop !
  • Liberal Crime Squad: a console-based game in which “you recruit a team of Elite Liberal radicals and try to save the United States from a descent into Arch-Conservatism. “. Sounds fun, I need to try that.
  • Wing Commander Saga┬ádata and the executable PND: this is probably the biggest game for Pandora ever, with 3.9 Gb required on your SD card. This game’s engine is a fork of FS2, and this is a fan project based on the Wing Commander universe, taking place between Wing Commander 2 and 3. Note that you need the very latest firmware for this to work on your Pandora, because of the sheer PND file size.
  • Possible Worlds: a game reminiscent of Freespace but taking place underwater.
  • Diablo II: Another fantastic static recompilation port by Notaz. Updated a few times as well to correct some bugs found by players post release. Excellent stuff.
  • Amoeba: a demo by Excess from 2002.
  • Skiner: a program to install new skins for the Mini Menu on Pandora.
  • OpenGGS: an open-source recreation of the classic Great Giana Sisters, which was in itself a Super Mario clone on the C64 and Commodore Amiga back in the days.
  • GINGE Neotron and GINGE Ruckage are two packs of games that work from the GP2X world that work well with GINGE (see updated software above) so that you don’t have to spend time looking for them.

New Firmware:

  • Super Zaxxon 1.73: While SZ 1.72 was supposed to be the very last firmware, Notaz has decided to give a last update to the Pandora OS. It brings support for PNDs larger than 2Gbs, better SD Card compatibility, 3.2 kernel updates, more stuff enabled from the kernel, updated packages (such as bluez for blutooth and parted for partitioning!). If you want to benefit from better uboot (used at boot time) you need to do a full reflash with this firmware.

That’s all for this time! Best wishes for the new year everyone!

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