Monthly Software News May. 15th to Jun. 14th 2015


Wow, a bunch of updates this time… it took me a while to compile this monthly list. You want some highlights? How about the new Firefox 38 ? Or the new PPSSPP version ? Or the new LibreOffice 4.5 ? Or Jackjazz Rabbit freshly recompiled by Notaz for Pandora ? There’s actually a lot of good stuff in this past month, you better check it out!

Updates (40):

  • SpaceFM: minor upstream version.
  • Hakuneko: update to more recent wxwidget version.
  • Bitfighter: latest stable release.
  • Qtractor: last beta version with updated and removed plugins.
  • choria: update to latest sources, and uses glshim now.
  • FileZilla: update to latest 3.11 sources as well as wxwidgets.
  • The Tube: updated to latest Youtube API, and added options based on user requests.
  • Telegram: updated to latest sources.
  • PanPlayer 2: not sure what changed…
  • PPSSPP: update to the latest sources in git. A few games run a little bit faster.
  • OpenTTD: Latest stable release.
  • qpdfview: latest stable release with newer libpoppler.
  • Aseprite: latest git version for this sprite editor.
  • Scary Gardner Tales 3D: fixed last level not showing properly.
  • Qupzilla: updated to 1.8.6 – still bleeding edge.
  • LibreOffice: now updated to 4.5 alpha, and JAVA is now fixed and should work correctly.
  • Tiled: latest sources for this tile editor.
  • Godot game Engine: update to latest 1.1 version.
  • Tanks of Freedom: Β this 8-bit like clone of Advance Wars is still evolving from a simple game made during a one-day compo.
  • Bible Seahorse Adventure: now with optimization from the GCW port making the game run very smoothly.
  • RSSGuard: latest fixes, so an upgrade is recommended to get rid of bugs πŸ™‚
  • Hase: multiple updates for this game, as Ziz is squashing bugs and adding new features and better sounds.
  • Xash3D: Now with support for nubs as joysticks.
  • Pale Moon: now fixing a condition causing segfault.
  • Sonic Robo Blast 2: this update now uses the omapdss driver.
  • Xbox360 driver: update with a new mode to prevent any mapping when you launch the drivers – so that you actually map the xbox360 controller any way you like within a specific emulator, for example.
  • Emu Ex Plus Alpha Emulators: 12 emulators updated to their latest version by PtitSeb, and with fixed tearing.
  • FireFox 38: hdonk is still keeping us entertained with the latest Firefox builds. Great, but a little bit slow compared to other browsers.
  • Ultima 4: not sure what was updated this time…

New Releases (10):

  • Metanet Hunger: a retro-experience (Game-Boy like) 2D game.
  • Covert Bitops C64: a set of tools to develop games for C64 in a single package. Used to make recent C64 games.
  • PSID64: a program that will create a C64 self extractable archive from a PSID file. If you have no idea what this means, it’s probably because you don’t follow the C64 scene.
  • Mini vMac: an emulator for the original Macintosh Plus.
  • GrafX2 Beta: a program to make pixel art, this is the beta version.
  • Jack Jazzrabbit and its demo: a new binary conversion by Notaz making this PC classic run on Pandora perfectly ! Superb platform game from Epic Games featuring a Rabbit Hero.
  • Minilens: a platform/puzzle game using the Godot Engine.
  • Dave Gone Apeshit: Dave got a got and has gone apeshit. Make him survive as long as possible while jumping and shooting enemies trying to stop you.
  • Xash3D: HalfLife Uplink: a demo version of Half Life, worth trying because the demo level has nothing to do with the final game. So it’s like a mod in a way…

On a side note, the C4A competition this May is ongoing and you are welcome to try your luck to beat the current highscores!

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Ingo Reis
Ingo Reis

Hi,because PanPlayer2:
PanplayerPND is now with open Cubic Player inside for Tracker Files like Modfiles.
Mplayer is inside as well for Videos.
My Goal is to modify the Panplayer for playing all Things.
Videos,Pictures,animated Gifs in Fullscreen,Mod,Music and and and πŸ™‚

Amiga Mod Files,S3M,Protracker Files and others.
Only Sidplay is broken for now but maybe fixed in next Versions πŸ˜‰