Monthly Software News Mar. 15th to Apr. 14th 2015


As promised, here’s the second monthly update to recap now the latest updates and releases from Mid March to Mid April. That past month was actually very active: many updates, and many new releases as well (and high quality ones!). It’s time to get your Pandora out if it’s gathering some dust somewhere.

Updates (27):

  • Camcoder: Latest update takes in account the newer libs of the latest firmwares.
  • QupZilla: now compiled with a more recent version of OpenSSL.
  • KeePassX: latest GIT sources.
  • Drastic: a new version bringing many bug fixes, features and diverse improvements. Highly recommended!
  • MediatekView: a bugfix regarding JavaVM’s memory use.
  • Meteoroid3D: now with improved analog input.
  • Cockatrice: last GIT release for this online card games client.
  • Qtractor: latest beta version with updated Calf plugins.
  • TILE Massacre SHMUP: now with C4A support.
  • Sparrow C4A Manager: Time out increased for scores submission.
  • Pale Moon: latest build + bugfix (random crash).
  • RickyD: now with fixed crash on Level 2.
  • Calf Plugin Pack for JACK: final release.
  • F1-Spirit: now with C4A mode support.
  • Games Remakes in QB64: now with C4A support for Barbarian.
  • Mr Rescue: this one also gets a C4A mode!
  • Space Rocks: another one with C4A support.
  • Kodi: ex-XMBC, now updated to the latest 14.2 build.
  • LibreOffice: now updated the 4.5 alpha release. A welcome update after the excellent 4.4 that was not ported until now on Pandora.
  • PNDManager: a short update with additional screen for settings.
  • ArtyFX: latest beta released with additional plugins.
  • RSSGuard: latest git sources.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: new update but not sure what changed.
  • OpenTTD: latest stable release, with added AI engines.
  • LMMS: update to the latest stable version.
  • Hase: now using NEON for accelerated rendering, and a few bug fixes.
  • QjackCtl: now with added missing libraries and scripts.

New Releases (10)

  • ManaPlus: a free MMORPG OpenSource client for Evol Online, The Mana World and similar servers.
  • Total Annihilation 3D: a remake of the Total Annihilation engine, with 3D features. It requires the original game files.
  • Stellarium: a big release from PtitSeb again, this port enables a realistic simulation of the sky and the stars position from wherever you would like to check them out.
  • Scrabble3D: a new iteration on the Scrabble game, adding another dimension to play with (not just on a flat surface anymore).
  • spi.snes: a new port of Snes9x 1.53, with a better UI to use, a game database including screenshots, and graphic filters
  • Warsow: the famous FOSS shooter is now ported to Pandora thanks to PtitSeb!
  • StopUhr: a python-based stopwatch, running in the background.
  • GDash: a boulder dash clone.
  • Telegram: a desktop client for the famous encrypted messaging application a la WhatsApp.
  • PX68K: a port of this Sharp X68000 computer emulator, that was sold only in Japan and used for developing arcade games for the CPS Capcom arcade machines.

Notaz has also released an alpha port of Diablo (the first one) for the Pandora, using the same trick as his previous Starcraft port last year. It’s not finished but you can probably expect a release in the not so distant future.

On a side note, the C4A competition this April is ongoing and you are welcome to try your luck to beat the current highscores!

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damn …. ports of Total Annihilation, Diablo, Stellarium, Warsaw and more? How awesome.

How can we clone PtitSeb and Notaz…? I don’t agree with cloning in general, but some people are worth it… hell, let’s clone ekianjo too, he could use the help. 🙂