Monthly Software News Jun. 15th to Jul. 14th 2015


A lot of updates in the past month, but not much new ports or new software this time. There is still the notable addition of the Yabause Saturn emulator that shows what the Pandora can do, and what we could expect from the Pyra (full speed Saturn, probably!). Among the updates, ScummVM 1.7 brings more adventure games to the Pandora, and that’s pretty much always a good thing.

Updates (19):

  • NoteCase Pro: another update, but no idea what changed.
  • ScummVM: now updated to 1.7 version, providing compatibility with the following games: The Neverhood, Mortville Manor, Voyeur, Return to Ringworld, Chivalry is Not Dead.
  • HyperRogue: now with 22 lands and more game modes.
  • qComicBook: with updated libs, and fixed category.
  • Lazarus IDE: updated to 1.4.
  • oOlite: updated to 1.82 version.
  • Qupzilla: updated to latest version, with updated crypto lib.
  • Tiled: latest sources for this tile editor.
  • RSSGuard: latest sources with Google Suggest, and Adblock.
  • Hase: now with support for actions in chats (just like in IRC).
  • Pale Moon: updated to latest sources.
  • Otter Browser: update to latest sources which bring dial-like functionality to this browser. Getting more and more complete every single day!
  • Doom 64 EX: now with faster sound and improved melting effect.
  • Quassel: Last stable release, with updated crypto lib.
  • Syncthing: update to the most recent release for this Dropbox alternative.
  • Mumble: update to latest version.
  • Freeciv: last stable release with updated libs.
  • ZynAddSubFX: last stable release with bugfixes.
  • OpenArena: now compatible with newer SGX driver.

New Releases (5):

  • Delver’s Choice: a fast-paced dungeon crawler.
  • Griel’s quest for the Sangraal: a port for GNU/Linux systems of an old MSX game.
  • GLmark2-ES: a benchmark tool to test GLES functions.
  • Yabause: PtitSeb ported this Saturn emulator to the Pandora and tried the best he can to optimize it. Now it can run some games with frameskip at decent rates, but it’s rather a proof of concept for what we can expect with the Pyra: full speed Saturn emulation !
  • Virtual Jaguar: PtitSeb is progressively filling the gaps in terms of emulation on the Pandora, now with an Atari Jaguar emulator. But don’t expect full speed.

New Firmware:

  • While still released as RC for now, the 1.72 firmware is available and it’s probably the last version you can expect for the Pandora. Among the different fixes, it brings notable improvements to Wifi performance – your mileage will vary depending on your Pandora, but in my case I jumped from 100 kb/s as max speed to 300~400 kb/s ! That makes practically the Wifi dongle useless at this stage !

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Wow realy lot of Updates,thx for your Wonderfull News Site again 🙂
Greetings from Germany 🙂