Monthly Software News Jul. 15th to Aug. 14th 2015


Another month poor in New Releases, but actually pretty abundant in updates! I thought most people would be off in July-August but it looks like it did not prevent everyone from doing some work for the Pandora community! The Pyra launch is getting near (probably less than a year from now, we’ll see how it goes) but it’s really nice to see the Pandora scene still kicking as usual. And OH, sorry for being late. But having a baby did not help.

Updates (24):

  • Qjackctl: last stable release.
  • QTractor: latest beta version with many plugins updated, and added.
  • Sunvox: updated version.
  • QSampler: last stable release, compiled with QT5.
  • Stratagus: last stable release, but music via midi has been disabled since it was too slow for now.
  • Aleona’s tales: last stable release with newer Stratagus Engine.
  • Asesprite: latest git version, mostly bug fixes.
  • KeepassX: latest GIT version.
  • Claws Mail: fixed pdf viewer support, but Fancy plugin is still misbehaving.
  • Flare: updated engine and data from git sources.
  • P68k: new version with fixed scanlines.
  • GemRB: latest release with updated libraries.
  • Diablo: this update brings many improvements coming from the jazzrabbit port (wine optimizations) and adds a launcher with additional options.
  • Xash3d and Xash3d- HL Uplink: the new version fixed the “.noshouldermb” function. 
  • RSSGuard: latest stable release.
  • The Tube: now with increased cache and minor fixes.
  • Starcraft: just like Diablo, it gets many improvements from the Jazz2 project, along with a launcher.
  • qpdfview: last stable release, with updated libs.
  • qComicBook: latest git version, compiled with QT5.
  • Qupzilla: now including hunspell dictionaries, for English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.
  • Quassel: Compiled with QT5, with all libs updated to QT5 as well.
  • ManiaDrive: updated from Gamescom 2015, with fresh libs and latest glshim version.
  • HyperRogue: now with 24 lands.

New Releases (4):

  • Moonlight: an application to stream some PC games from your Steam library to your Pandora screen. Note that you need some specific nVIdia hardware for this to work, and that the results are not great on Pandora yet.
  • Dr Destructo 2: a small arcade game where you have to shoot down planes and make them fall on a boat to destroy it.
  • gShogi: a japanese chess (shogi) game.
  • Wyrmsunan open-source RTS with elements of mythology and fiction. Careful, it needs a 512 Mb swap file to work.

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