Monthly Software News Jan. 15th to Feb. 14th 2016


After last month’s crazy run of updates and releases, this past month looked quiet instead! But do not kid yourself there was still a lot to talk about, such as the release of OpenFodder, a remake of the engine behind Canon Fodder on the Amiga back in the days! Oh and by the way, It’s been 3 years that launched !

Updates (31):

  • Ginge: touchscreen support and better compatibility.
  • Telegram: updated to latest sources – but sound is still not working completely yet.
  • Hero of Allacrost: updated to latest sources with gcc5.
  • Twin-e: fixed a bug with the loadstate.
  • DBGL: fixed a first-start crash.
  • QupZilla: using a new openssl version now.
  • TORCS: latest glshim and newer sources and libs used. Should be a bit faster now.
  • Tiled: latest fix release.
  • SuperTux: recent release of 0.4 version after years of no updates!
  • Gamestreamer: no information about this version here.
  • VChar64: updated to latest sources.
  • QMMP: latest stable release.
  • Canseco audio tools: Non-Session Manager, SunVox, ZynAddSubFX.
  • GODOT Engine: version 2.0 is out now for Pandora as well !
  • Adventure Game Studio Runtime: latest git version from February 2016.
  • Sqrxz 2: updated port of this game, by Notaz.
  • The .emu emulators have been updated to disable screensaver at start (see the whole list here, 12 emulators updated).
  • The Last Mission: a side-view arcade game without scrolling with map of big dimensions. The game takes its inspiration from games such as Underwurlde and Starquake. This update is from the latest git sources.

New Releases (7):

  • Nean den taler: a scene demo presented at “the party” in 2000.
  • DIV Columns: a remake of the Megadrive classic.
  • Pyx: a remake of the old game Qic by Taito where you try to progressively cover the whole screen surface by drawing rectangles, while you are vulnerable to enemies as long as the surface is not fully drawn…
  • Pitfall: a remake of the Atari 2600 game
  • Nubs Settings X: the Nubs settings menu planned for the Pyra, ported to the Pandora.
  • OpenFodder: an recreation of the engine behind Cannon Fodder, the classic Amiga games. Original game files are needed, and you need a mouse to play this game as well.
  • Kroniax: a game similar to Flappy Bird.

More articles to come soon 🙂 Have a great week ahead!

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