Monthly Software News Jan. 15th to Feb. 14th 2015


Yeah another month went by and I did not so any “weekly” update so here’s another monthly one. I definitely want to come back on weekly updates sometimes soon, I just need to get the ball rolling again. In the meantime, enjoy this summary of the numerous updates from the community in the past month !

Updates (36):

  • PandaBAS : a new update with many functions and numerous fixes for this BASIC interpreter.
  • OtterBrowser: this update fixed the previous JS, JPEG and PNG issues. It is now VERY usable and very fast as well. Highly recommended.
  • Rockdodger: not sure what changes were made in the version.
  • CodeBlocks: a MUST-have PND for all developers out there, the new version brings GCC4.9.3, GNU D compiler, QT5 and tons of updated libs already packaged. This is what PtitSeb uses to make his awesome ports!
  • Fish Shell: can now be called from Codeblocks command line.
  • BitTorrent Sync: finally an update for this folder sync software across devices. The new update also brings a welcome new GUI adapted for the Pandora’s screen.
  • Flying Snake: the last few updates fix a few crashes and make the snake grow faster as well !
  • Super Tux Kart: now with more agressive optimizations and texture downsampling more effectively done for Rebirth and CC units.
  • Propeller IDE: an IDE for editing and compiling SPIN files for the Parallax Propeller P8X32A Microcontroller.
  • FreeCiv: last stable release.
  • UAE4All: TomB’s awesome support to squash bugs continues. He has just fixed additional bugs related to game saves, and crashes in rare situations.
  • Godot Game Engine: latest version, with support for 2D shaders now.
  • Flappy Bird: now with Fusilli C4A support (you can compete even when offline and send your scores later) and touch screen input support.
  • Qupzilla: now with missing Qupzilla plugins from the previous release.
  • QREncode and Zbarcam:  a security update ensuring nothing is logged in appdata so that you can transfer passwords and other sensitive information as well.
  • Tor Router: updated to latest sources and new OpenSSL version.
  • Pale Moon: New update with final sources, and webm disabled by default.
  • Muse: last stable release.
  • Ghouls’n Ghosts Remix: optimised for faster frame rate and smoother gameplay. Added missing weapons and magic as well.
  • F-1 Spirit: further optimized with GCC5, should be running faster.
  • Guitarix: last stable release.
  • PPSSPP: finally the 1.0.0 version is out! Running still a little faster for a few titles.
  • PCSXReARMed: fixed a crash related to the DSP, together with other minor fixes.
  • Burger Space: Added some libs causing problems for earlier firmwares.
  • QTractor: updates with numerous fixes related to plugins and new plugins included.
  • Claws Mail: with fixed Fancy plugin now.
  • RSS Guard: last version with added functions and fixes.
  • qpdfview: last beta with openjpeg library.
  • SparrowC4A Manager: fixed an issue related to account deletion.
  • Tiled: a new version to fix a bug that cannot be reproduced… ?
  • Calf Plugin Pack for JACK: latest git version.
  • TrueCrypt: a new version 7.1a that has been audited for security robustness, and was found to be strong and had no backdoor.
  • QComicBook: updated with poppler-qt 0.30 and other libs.
  • Transmission: this is an old build but was made to work with SSH X session forwarding, if you are interested in this feature.
  • TORCS: an amazing update by PtitSeb, running MUCH faster than his previous build, following his usage of GCC5 and some additional optimizations. You can now race with 3-4 AI cars and still have a very playable experience with good frame rate on most circuits.

New Releases (7)

  • Gravity Bone: a very short freeware game using Quake2 engine and glshim for the port.
  • Tux Football: a port of this free software soccer game, looking quite similar to Kick Off. Probably one of the very few Free Software soccer games out there!
  • Meteroid3D: a 3D asteroid game requiring 3D glasses to get a proper sense of 3D… like in Avatar, it’s grandiose! 😀
  • Karaokeyboard: A karaoke game made with the GODOT engine that uses keyboard instead of voice inputs.
  • Cylindrix: a remake of an old DOS game, using glshim.
  • E16: an interesting experiment: packaging a whole windows manager inside a PND – Enlightenment 16.
  • Xbox360 Pad Driver: a PND i packaged to make it easier to use a wireless Xbox360 pad with your Pandora. That should make your TV-out experience much more enjoyable with Pandora connected several meters away from you.

On a side note, the C4A competition this February is ongoing and you are welcome to try your luck to beat the current highscores!

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