Monthly Software News Feb. 15th to Mar. 14th 2016


We seem to be back to a more normal month now, with a few dozen updates and less than 10 new releases. But there’s a lot of gems there: the new Kodi Media Center, version 16.0, updated versions of Xash3D, Daikatana and RCTW which should all be a little faster. Among the new releases, Call to Power 2 stands out as an excellent Civilization game that can run on the Pandora. Definitely better than, let’s say, FreeCiv.

Updates (24):

New Releases (7):

  • Fruit’y: a puzzle game where you have to replicate figures.
  • The Battle For the Solar System: an action 2D space game, with a storyline.
  • Butt: an audio broadcasting tool.
  • Heboris: a high speed clone of Tetris.
  • DROD1 and DROD2, two puzzle/adventure games. You need the official data to play those games.
  • Call to Power 2: A port of the Linux version whose sources were already available for a while. You need the official data (GOG for example) to be able to launch the game.

New Firmware:

  • Super Zaxxon 1.74: Even though the 1.73 was supposed to be the very last firmware, Notaz keeps pushing a few updates. There’s a lot to say that will be covered in a separate article, but in the meantime you will be glad to know bluetooth audio is working!

That’s all for this time. Next update will be pretty big since PtitSeb got some unplanned time off and kept himself busy 🙂

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