Monthly Software News Feb. 15th to Mar. 14th 2015


Yeah, Mea culpa, I’m very late for the monthly updates but I am going to catch up two months at once. Today you get the period from Mid Feb to Mid March, and within this week I will release the other half, i.e. Mid March to Mid-April. From Feb to Mid March the updates were kind of few, while there was a steady stream of new software release.

Updates (9):

  • RSS Guard: last version with added functions and fixes.
  • qpdfview: updated with latest version of openjpeg lib.
  • Stupid Mines: Small bugfix.
  • HyperRogue: new geometries to explore in this update.
  • PPSSPP: the recent 1.0.1 update. It may have improved compatibility but I think the performance has decreased a little on certain games.
  • Naev: latest update with updated system libs as well.
  • UAE4All: a few bug fixes and improved performance for AGA software.
  • ZynAddSubFX: last stable release.
  • Camcoder: Latest update takes in account the newer libs of the latest firmwares.

New Releases (10)

  • Various Burst: a game from illegalinstruction, kind of like Sparks on steroid! Polygon arcade shooter with relatively nice graphics!
  • Wizznic: a remake of the original Puzznic, where you have to clear bricks within a limited time (puzzler).
  • Sable: a 3D game inspired by Space Harrier – note that it does not work on CC models.
  • Newton Adventure: in this platformer you play Newton and you have to power to change where Gravity works to go through the levels.
  • Hero of Allocrost: a 2D RPG a la Valkyria Tear (shares a lot of code with it).
  • Robocode: a robot programming game to make robots fight between themselves using algorithms.
  • Cave Express: a game coming from the Android work and now ported to the Pandora by PtitSeb !
  • Freenet: a software to let you access and work in the “Dark Net”, i.e. share files and visit websites that only exist on the Freenet network.
  • Tanks of Freedom: a game that won a one-day compo, and was released with its source code recently. Very much like Advance Wars, except that it’s in isometric 3D and uses 16 colors only (yet looks very nice).
  • Hcraft championship: another port by Ptitseb from the Windows world, a 3D racer in the tradition of Wipe-out. Pretty impressive to see this running on Pandora.

On a side note, the C4A competition this April is ongoing and you are welcome to try your luck to beat the current highscores!

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Thanks for your dedication in providing these updates, which are really very helpful to me and many others. You’re a pillar of the community!


Just for the completeness. Hase had this month a whole new release, not only the optimizations and bug fixes you mentioned in the next months (which is correct).