Monthly Software News Dec 15th 2015 to Jan. 14th 2016


What a month! Maybe it was because of Christmas, or the New Year. But look at the quantity of the Releases and Updates. Awesome. Brand new port of Div studio games, older games only available on the old repo now uploaded and so accessible via PNDManager. More than 100 news & updated packages. And many quality ones. Don’t miss the updated LibreOffice, The Tube, Xash3D or Giana’s Return at least. And on the new releases side, take a look at Bart the Barbarian, DBGL, Flying Saucer Attack, Witchblast or one of the Ginge packages.

Updates (59):

New Releases (79):

        • Ginge Packs from Hooka. You need Ginge at least release 4 for them to work (and they will fill the “Emulator” section of your menu quickly). They provide a conveniently packaged and tested packages of old GP2X games (or demos).
        • Ginge – Demos: A pack of Demos apps for Ginge.
        • Ginge – AlexM: Games from AlexM, packaged for Ginge.
        • Ginge – JyCet: A pack with 2 games from JyCet.
        • Ginge – Blokz: A pack with games from Zacaj (and so including Blokz as the name imply),
        • Ginge – Quiest: A pack with games from Quiest,
        • Ginge – OldGlibc: A pack with games (and a few demos) that use the old Glibc,
        • Ginge – OldGlibc: A pack with games from Guyfawkes.
    • Friking Shark: A remake of the arcade game “Flying Shark”. All in 3D, the level 4 and 5 can be a bit slow for now, but the other levels play fine, and the game has very good visuals
    • Super Office Stress: An ARGP set in an office. A crazy game (with smooth gameplay on the Pandora), that only lack a save functions.
    • Curse of War: A small strategy game, where you have to grab all territory and ressources by expanding faster than the other 3 A.I. players
    • Colorfull: An action game digned for a 48h coding competition (Lundum Dare 25)
    • Hydra Slayer: A roguelike (in text mode) where you have to slay hydra. But it will not be that easy, because hydra’s head can regrown if the hydra is not dead.
    • Prometheon: An action game made with BennuGD,
    • Taisei: A “bullet hell” shoot’em up.
    • RoadFighter: This arcade game remake was available for some time now on Ginge. This version is a native port on Pandora.
    • Phlipple: A 3D puzzle game, with a simple but quite adictive principle.
    • Chucky Egg: A faithfull clone of Chucky Egg
    • Clonk Planet: The port of Clonk on the Pandora.
    • E02 Engine: A 2D engine (engine only, you have to provide game data).
    • Eat the whistle: A football game, initialy commercial and now open source.
    • WhitchBlast: A fun Action RPG game that is a clone of the commercial game “Binding of Isaac”.
    • FreeCol: The opensource Colonization clone.
    • FreeSCI: An engine to play SCI “Sierra” adventure games.
    • GPL Arcade Volleyball: A simple volleyball arcade game.
    • IOquake2 NanoGL: The old NanoGL (so hardware accelerated) implementation of IOQuake2. You’ll need data file to play.
    • Cmus Install: A Music player that will install in the NAND and be accessible from every shell.
    • KDiff3: A 3-Way Diff (compare) and merge tools (note that this tool is also inside the codeblocks pnd).
    • Letterfalls 3: A small game about words.
    • Mutt: A lightweight MIME mail client. Some configuring in .muttrc file seems to be needed to make it works.
    • NesEmu: A simple NES emulator.
    • Numpty Physics: a game like “crayon physics”
    • OMMPC: Another music player
    • OpenGlad: Opensource remake of the old dos game Gladiator.
    • Excalibur: Morgana’s Revenge v3.0: A Standalone full game, based on the AlephOne engine. It’s a huge FPS with a few puzzle elements and a complete story, spanning 42 levels…
    • Hedgewars: The opensource artillery/Worms-clone strategy game now on pandora.
    • Beret: A puzzle and platform game, with some physics involved too. It has been updated also to avoid writing saves on the NAND.
    • Golf Solitaire: A simple card game (programmed in FreeBasic, and used as a test case for the port of the compiler on the Pandora)
    • SYASokoban: Still Yet Another Sokoban
    • Open Jazz: A free implementation of the Jazz Jackrabbit engine (and don’t forget there is full static recompile of Jazz Jackrabbit 2)
    • OpenLieroX: Opensource game based on the Liero game.
    • OpenPirates: Opensource remake of Pirates!
    • ACM Flight Simulator: A multiplayer flight combat sim.
    • PandoraNetPuzzle: A puzzle game, but not sure it works.
    • PacDudeHero2: A Pacman-type game
    • Pocket Volleyball: Another arcade volleyball game, with a simple A.I., for one or two player.
    • PrBooM: Another (enhanced) DooM engine
    • P-UAE: An amiga emulator (but you better stick with UAE4ARM).
    • qBittorrent: A Qt4 based bittorrent client
    • Ri-Li: The port of Ri-Li (an arcade game with a train) on the Pandora
    • DBGL: A new release of dosbox, featuring the DBGL frontend, and a new build of dosbox that feature support for 3Dfx hardware and enhanced performance.
    • Flying Saucer Attack: A game with elements from “Missile Defense”
    • Race Against the Chemtrail: is an small arcade game, with a doubtful story
    • animal islands: A well polished short game made for Lundum Dare 34. Much based on luck but fun anyway.
    • Micery: A scene demo (using OpenGL)

All in all, it was a hugely active month, both on the update and new releases fronts! At the same time, there is a lot of progress going on with the Pyra development, but we will cover that very soon in another article.

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