Monthly Software News Dec. 15th 2014 to Jan. 14th 2014


Ola! I decided I may as well call this the Monthly Software news since I have not published an update for a month already ! While I was enjoying some holidays for a couple of weeks, folks were apparently active and released a ton of stuff when I was not looking. Darn!

Updates (30):

  • QupZilla: last stable release, along with some new options such as the possibility to remove SSL3 altogether. It works on 1.71 firmware, by the way.
  • Hydrogen: last GIT release.
  • Hase: added button arrow images.
  • IOQuake3: PtitSeb managed to build it with a new QVM with Dynarec. It should be even faster than before. The same thing happened for Open Arena, Smokin Guns and World of Padman.
  • Titanion: now with C4A support with the fusilli client. Note that this is one of the games we are competing on this January.
  • Mupen64: PtitSeb brought an update that makes it possible to play several games fullscreen, and improved on the performance of several plugins. Now DK64 is playable.
  • Pale Moon: updated to latest sources, and ignoring the flash in the firmware.
  • Minetest: updated to latest sources.
  • Kodi: XBMC has now changed name (for the worse) and this is the stable release of v14.0.
  • The Gimp: this version of 2.8 now works with the newer firmwares.
  • Claws Mail: back with latest sources and updated libs!
  • Non Session Manager: updated plugins and some other compiled against a new QT version.
  • PCSXReARMed: a big update with Notaz including DSP support for faster emulation !
  • C/C++ development tools: an update with jam tool, many images pixbuffers support added, and a ton of minor fixes.
  • Trosh: updated libs to make it compatible with latest firmware. this is one of the other games we compete on in this month’s C4A compo.
  • Albion: fixed some issues with high res 3d rendering.
  • Gods Deluxe: fixed minor crash issue.
  • Super Tux Kart: major update with 0.8.001 sources, along with a new Irrlicht engine. Even the minimap works now!
  • Cocoa-Doom: new update fixes issues with Prboom.
  • Super Cars III: many improvements in this new update regarding gameplay.
  • Bitfighter: last stable release.
  • Firefox: version 34 is out! But you probably ought to use Pale moon instead.
  • ColEm: should now feature screenshot previews for the games to be launched.
  • Super Methane Brothers: Fixed C4A issue of not sending the score when completing the game.
  • ZGV: many changes such as alternative resolutions added, fixed mouse support and more…
  • Tomahawk: improvements to make it fit better to the Pandora screen.

New Releases (15)

  • QR Encode: a tool to convert any text in your clipboard into a QR code. Pretty cool idea, not sure how I would use it though.
  • L’Aigle d’Or: this is a conversion of the original ORIC 1 game. One of the first adventure games that had graphical elements and not just text.
  • Force: Leashed: a new game ported to Pandora where you need to play with magnets to attract projectiles and ensure they hit a given target. Quite fun and innovative.
  • Turtle Arena: another game based on IOQuake3 engine, featuring some famous turles.
  • Tasty Static: a new port using GLshim by Lunixbochs, Tasty Static is another game where you need to go fast while avoiding obstacles on the way. This screams for C4A support! Note, this game does not work on CC pandoras.
  • Hostile Takeover: this is the same game as Warfare Inc. on mobiles, except that the name has been changed when it was released as Open Source. Now PtitSeb ported on Pandora. This is very similar to the old Dune 2, if you are familiar with RTS.
  • Shotgun Debugger: a port of an open source game, a top down 3D shoot’em up.
  • NetPanzer: a tactical warfare game made to be played via the internet – the Pandora’s screen may be a little tiny for this game but it works fine.
  • Pandora’s Safe Box: our friend Kickass has developed a bigger suite for backup of Pandora game saves and settings following my initial release of BGS. Works well as far as I can tell.
  • Open City: a rudimentary city building simulator, all in 3D. Not bad, but it will need more work down the road.
  • XMen: the Ravages of Apocalypse: a total conversion of Quake to put you in the universe of your favorite MARVEL characters.
  • Gnome Music Player Client: a client to pilot a MPD daemon running on another machine from the Pandora.
  • Flying Snake: a remake of Snake, but in 3D inside a cube.
  • Oblige: a cool tool to generate random levels for Doom, that you can then play as wads in ZDoom for example.
  • Muse: an open source Midi/audio sequencer.

On a side note, the C4A competition this January is ongoing and you are welcome to try your luck to beat the current highscores!

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