Monthly Software News Aug. 15th to Sep. 14th 2015


I was pretty much away from the Pandora scene in the past month (family obligations) and paradoxically it was one of the busiest months ever in terms of new releases. You can see by yourself, 21 new PNDs! There were a large bunch of updates as well, and it also means I have a lot to catch up in order to test what interests me the most… 🙂

Updates (30):

  • Rockdodger: mainly some fixes.
  • Tiled: latest stable release compiled with QT5.
  • Kodi: updated to 15.1.
  • Mupen64 plus: now with fixed per rom settings, and new plugin (but too slow)
  • ZDoom: Edge is rebuilt, and libs were updated as well.
  • Sonic Visualizer: with new plugins and fixed JACK support.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: latest stable version, which should feature proper multiplayer support.
  • Doom64 EX: now with faster fluidsynth making the intro smooth on 1Ghz, and new nubs acceleration model.
  • Opsu: textures downscaled for Rebirth/CC models, and faster framerate trick.
  • Mandelbrot sample: not sure what changed in this new version.
  • Eldritch: fixed buttons issue in previous build.
  • Albion: a few bug fixes.
  • Another World: now with RawGL engine support, which makes it possible to play the recent 25th Anniversary edition as well on the Pandora!
  • QMMP: latest release compiled with QT5.
  • Pale Moon: updated to latest sources.
  • Asesprite: last stable release.
  • Xash3d and Xash3d- HL Uplink: updated libs and fixed mod support that was broken.
  • Emu Ex Plus Alpha Emulators: the whole 12 of them have been updated, apparently mainly to fix a crash in the GUI menus.

New Releases (21):

  • EasyRPG Player: a cross-platform language and RPG creation tool. This launcher can execute games made with EasyRPG.
  • Vampires Dawn and its sequel: a RPG created with RPG Maker 2000, in German.
  • Lufia Iduras Revenge: another RPG in German made with EasyRPG.
  • Chrono Alter: a fan-made sequel of Chrono Trigger, using EasyRPG.
  • Kiloblaster: an old shooter that was made freeware not too long ago.
  • The Catacomb 1 and 2: port of the old 2D classic.
  • XWiimote: finally, a new PND to pair a WiiMote controller with the Pandora. This should make it easy to play old NES games.
  • The Secret Chronicles of Dr M. : a fork of Secret Mario Chronicles, with a different take on the game.
  • Savage Wheels: a 2D racing game where your goal is to destroy the other derby opponents.
  • Xargon: a port of the old DOS game from Epic Megagames, now freeware and freely redistribuable.
  • Dynamate: a freeware puzzle game.
  • Temper: it’s an old PC Engine emulator but it was only made available on the repo recently.
  • vgmplayer: a software to play classic arcade music through emulation.
  • Alien8: a remake of a classic ZX Sprectrum puzzle game.
  • ZEsarUX: a ZX machines emulator for UNIX platforms.
  • Meritous: an action adventure dungeon crawler.
  • Tures Monacorum: a tower defense game written in LOVE.
  • VChar64: an editor for the Commdore 64/128.
  • Super JumpKick Turbo: a simple fighting game where there is only a single button to press.
  • GL117: a flight simulator.

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Your list really have the problem, that it don’t consider software, which had an update in the period but also a further update after it. Probably not your fault, but a problem of the repo. Maybe a script would help you, which checks daily for updates, so that you don’t miss anything. Or you should check the repo at the 14th september and some days later. 😉


Thanks for the update, you are a pillar of the community!