Monthly Software News Apr. 15th to May. 14th 2015


We are almost in June! Who would have thought things moved SO FAST! Anyway… here’s another monthly update. There’s been a slightly reduced activity in the past 30 days, but noteworthy releases as well, such as Notaz’s Diablo build… and updates to Hase making it a better game to play progressively. And there’s more.

Updates (22):

  • SpaceFM: update for this excellent file manager.
  • Stupid Boxes: some validity checks removed since they were not working.
  • Mupen64plus: first install bug fix, and Wally’s ini file added by default.
  • Otter Browser: updated to latest sources
  • Minecraft Launcher: updated many native libs, should be compatible with 1.8.3 Minecraft.
  • PPSSPP: update to the latest sources in git.
  • PX68k: added a couple of options (stretching the screen for example).
  • Kami Retro: not sure what was updated exactly here. Steven, any comment ?
  • GemRB: last stable release.
  • Tile Massacre Shmup: fixed the infinite scoring possibilities, since this game is now in the May C4A compo.
  • ZDoom: updated libs, and updated the Zandronum engine to the latest sources.
  • F1-Spirit: removed the possibility to restart a race in C4A mode, improved performance so that all circuits remain playable even on a CC.
  • Various Burst: not sure what changed in the last version… no info on the repo.
  • RSSGuard: latest git sources.
  • Hase: multiple updates for this game, as Ziz is squashing bugs and optimizing the online gameplay as well.
  • Xash3D: Now with better gamma handling, and updated to latest release.
  • QMMP: added missing libs and updated a couple of plugins
  • Free Rapid Downloader: not sure what the update is about… potentially latest version ?
  • Thunderbird: latest sources.
  • DeadBeef: in sync with the git repo.
  • Pale Moon: update to the latest version.
  • WxPython: some improvements to enable some Ren’py games.

New Releases (7):

  • Diablo: the new binary conversion from Notaz, running just like on PC at the time. Note that you wil need the original game files.
  • Diablo Shareware: if you want to give a try, Notaz also provided the demo files in a separate PND.
  • Prostricker M: a simple horizontal shoot’em up written in Python.
  • The Messenger: a strange pong-inspired game where the paddles grow further apart at every hit of the ball.
  • ZeldaNSQ: a fan-made Zelda game, available in French and in English.
  • Scary Gardener Tales 3D: a wolfenstein 3D clone, setting you against hordes of zombies.
  • htop: an improved version of the cli program “top” to measure the CPU and memory usage of all running processes.

On a side note, the C4A competition this May is ongoing and you are welcome to try your luck to beat the current highscores!

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Nice, thanks for keeping us up to date. 🙂