Minecraft Running on Pandora!


It’s been a couple of weeks since PtitSeb released a “Minecraft launcher” as a Proof of Concept. Running Minecraft had always been a dream for many Pandora users, since in the early days of the Pandora project, Notch mentioned he would port Minecraft for our device.

Yeah, as you can guess, it did not happen, but we still have the next best thing around: PtitSeb ! He managed to get the Minecraft desktop version running on Pandora, and optimized it as much as he could while using glshim to take care of the OpenGL calls.


The result is somewhat impressive. Of course, you should not expect Minecraft to run extremely fast on Pandora. It starts up very slow, but after a couple of minutes in the game it gets faster and you get a decent framerate, which makes it playable at least (5 to 10 fps, approximately). IngoReis from the boards made a nice video of it.

PtitSeb did not release the launcher officially yet (i.e. you cannot find it on the repo at the moment), but you can already grab it from the boards. There are still some issues reported by some users, so PtitSeb is probably trying to address a few of those before making it widely available.

(EDIT: the latest version is now available on the repo.

It may even run a little better with Optifine mod, but expect some potential crashes when using it:

  1. Install Optifine to your PC Minecraft version.
  2. Just copy your .Minecraft Folder (from Windows PC or Linux PC, they both work) to the Pandora appdata of the Minecraft launcher.

Running Minecraft at 5-10fps may not be ideal, but this fares very nicely for the performance we can expect from the Pyra in the near future. It would not be a stretch to get 30 fps on the Pyra, with more details on screen (not everything at the minimum).

If you are interested to know more, it’s probably a good idea to follow the release thread.

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A great achievement between lunixbochs, WizardStan and ptitSeb, to get this running!
The minecraft PND is on the repo now.


No, ptitSeb is better than Notch. Just not as well paid!


This is awesome!

Has anybody tried to get Minetest or another open source Minecraft-like clone running?


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