Who is Matti, September’s C4A Compo Winner?


Matti’s the Man. He’s the one who has beaten everyone fair and square in most games last September in the C4A compo. And not just by a small margin. No, Matti’s the kind of guy to get like double or triple the score the best of us can hope to achieve. I got in touch with him to know a little more about his gaming habits…

I wanted to know a little more about Matti, first, in order to get a general picture of where he is coming from and what his background was…

Matti: My name is Matti (or matti1234 on the forums/C4A/repo). I’m 26 years old and live in Finland. I like to play video games and code something every once in a while (though I’m not really good at coding).

Like many of us, he got a Pandora because it looked like a great device for emulation.

Matti: Console and computer emulators were the main reason [I got a Pandora] though there are so many great native games too that I haven’t really had time to try all the emulators properly yet. Having a full computer OS on a device of this size was also nice.

And what about his favourite games? Just to better understand if someone who is apparently good at beating scores has some kind of particular profile…

Matti: Here’s a short list of some of my favourites in no particular order. It’s probably missing a huge amount great games which I should have included but can’t think of right now.

  • Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (my most played game right now)
  • Megaman series (especially the NES games)
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Metal Gear series (haven’t played the most recent ones though)
  • Deus Ex
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Cave Story
  • Wolfenstein 3D

I must admit I am a litte surprised by some of his answers. 26 means he was born probably in 1988, and that his first consoles as a child were probably the 32 bits ones. How did he come across the NES Megaman games? I guess such games still have universal appeal in the retro-gaming crowd… Good to see Super Meat Boy in there though, I can definitely see someone who beats high scores to relate to this kind of game that is really demanding.

But then, when you are as good a gamer as Matti, do you end up finishing all games you own? Does it change anything in terms of how you perceive difficulty?

Matti: No, there are just too many games. I try to finish the ones I really like. I only rarely manage to finish those games that have limited number of lives and don’t allow unlimited continues.

And what about gaming competition or e-sport? Was he actually ever involved in what we usually refer to as pro-gaming?

Matti: Your C4A competition is probably the biggest one I’ve ever taken part in. Besides that I’ve only participated in a competition where a few people posted their scores on an internet forum.

I am not that driven as a person to further push the envelope and therefore I am not sure what motivates people who actually look for challenge and beat it.

Matti: Usually my main motivation is trying to finish the game rather than getting a highscore if the game can actually be finished. I guess just beating my own score gives me enough motivation in those games where getting a highscore is the only goal.

Matti has been able to get some impressive scores in the September compo. 361 on FlappyBird, for example… Does he have any kind of secret?

Matti:  No, I don’t really think I’m that good at games. I’ve probably just spent too much time playing some of the games. I was also lucky to have played the right games (Flappy Bird, Tumiki Fighters, A7Xpg) just recently before the competition started. I remember doing some reaction time tests at school though and I think I did quite well at those but that was over ten years ago. Don’t know about extraordinary though.

In the September compo, a number of games actually require a fairly high concentration to get to a higher level.


Flappy Bird, for example, requires a perfect timing to avoid the pipes as you go, and doing it over and over without any mistake is a testament for precision. I know I am usually doing better in a silent environment. How about Matti?

Matti: I’m often lying on a sofa or bed while playing with the Pandora (I don’t play much on other platforms at the moment). If the game I’m playing has music, I usually listen to that. Otherwise I may have other music playing. I don’t think the music has much of an impact on my gaming performance unless a game has sounds that are vital to the gameplay and the music prevents from hearing them.

So far we have seen that Matti seems to be pretty good at a large number of games. are there actually games where he does not do so well ?

Matti: Adventure games, especially older ones. I usually have to refer to a walkthrough way too much or I get completely stuck. I think I’ve heard that some of the more recent ones might be easier but I haven’t played many of them. Real-time strategies or RPGs where you control multiple characters. I haven’t tried any of those for a while though. Puzzle games that have time limits. I’m sure there are lots of others but that’s a few I could think from top of my head.

Well done Matti again for winning the September compo! Although he did not win the October one, he came quite close (second position) and was ahead of everyone else for most of the month. No doubt he will remain a strong contender for the upcoming months as well.

Next, we will come back on ELW who won the October C4A compo.

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