What Logo for the Pyra ?


ED is regularly asking for the community feedback when it comes to several aspects of the upcoming DragonBox Pyra, and the logo is no exception. There are 4 directions being considered and while they kind of revolve around the same idea, they have different executions.

Here’s what the choice looks like at this stage:


So where do I stand? I kind of like both the first one and second one. The third and fourth look too bulky to me. The one that looks the most production ready would be the second one, with a good match between the font and its overall appearance. All the others would need quite some more work before I’d call them finished, but ED has made it clear that none of them are final.

At the time of writing it seems like the second and fourth are very close in terms of popularity. I hope ED does a final round of voting between these 2 if they are equally popular. A logo is one thing, but it’s a bit of a shame that we do not know at all what the case is going to look like at this stage. The logo and the case design should match each other as well, and I feel like the logo 2 and logo 4 are quite incompatible in that regard: 4 is all around rounds and circles, while 2 is about straight lines. Having 2 on a case that’s rounded in every angle would kind of look weird.

I have been involved in product design for many years, and where I was we always took the approach of holistic design at heart, meaning you don’t design the product piece by piece (i.e. the logo on one side, the case separately), but try to work your way from early prototypes till you reach the final execution. It takes more time and more iterations, but you usually end up with more robust and consistent looks in the end.

Anyway, I’m sure things will work out fine in the end, no matter which logo is picked. Between 2 and 4, none is horrible so I am not really concerned about which ones makes it to the final design. If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time, but not much… Deadline if the 4th of April.

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