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June is already over and it’s time, as every month, to reflect on the past and check what you guys have read on Pandoralive in the past 30 days. I have to admit the results are quite surprising, but well… you can check out for yourself.

Let’s get right to it. Well… as you can see below, you guys have been dying for information on new games, including screenshots and videos. Now it makes me wonder if all you need is just pictures and no text? 🙂

5. Pandafe: Awesome and Unknown? 

That’s the only “content-rich” article you guys have been reading in the past month. It features a review of Pandafe as well as interview extracts with Nuhrin who programmed it all. It’s a good time to catch up on this software if you have not done so yet!

4. Fantastic Paper Wars – New Screenshots 

Paper Wars is a game under development by crow_riot (code, game mechanisms) and Traylorpark (graphics and visual design) from the openpandora boards. They have been working on it for a couple of years now, I believe, and it’s supposed to be released this year. I have a recent build of the game with me (that I cannot share with you, sorry guys) and it looks great and runs great. It will also be released on iOS, but not for free, while the Pandora version is supposed to be available gratis.

3. A First Look. Just a Blink.

This June I shared the first pictures of the Open Pandora Japan Packaging, and there were a lot of very positive reactions. This was designed by Traylorpark and he did a great job to make the idea come to life. Note that this packaging is only for Japan at this stage but if you are REALLY interested to have it (together with a wooden box), I can ship a few out (at reasonable cost). Please note that I am doing this out of pure fondness for the community, and that it may take a while before I ship them to you. Contact me via PM on the boards if you are willing to get one.

2. Jedi Knight II in Video on Pandora

1. Jedi Knight: First Screenshots on Pandora! 

Jedi Knight running on Pandora, who thought this was possible ? When PtitSeb told me he was working on it, I was like “mm, ok, I don’t think it will run well… but feel free to try” and I was genuinely surprised by the result. It does run very well (most of the time) while it may be a little hard to play with the nubs. But even if it were only for the WOW effect, that game is ace. This is what the Pandora is about!

If you look at the month of June, it was overall an exceptional month. DraStic is now a fully capable DS Emulator. Firefox 22 was released very soon after it came out for desktops. PPSSPP gets better every week or so. Jedi Knight II released. Many old games released as commercial packages. And let’s not forget Freespace 1 and 2 earlier this month. And now the Pandora is available in Japan.

We will have a hard time to make a better month that that.

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Sebastián Castro

I need text, please, I appreciate it. If only for curiosity, since I don’t have much time to play anymore, I like emulation so, I’m looking forward to see the progress on PPSSPP, especially for performance on CC models like mine. Everything runs on 1Ghz ones lately (but Drastic).