Jedi Knight II in Video on Pandora


After yesterday’s (or was it the day before?) post about the first pictures of Jedi Knight II running on the Pandora, here’s a video to confirm how well it runs. And the answer is rather, surprisingly well. You’ll probably need to get a 1Ghz Pandora. If you were waiting for a good reason to upgrade…

Here is the video, made by BAFelton. The settings are overclocked (1.2 Ghz, and sysspeed at 460 Mhz) but I can confirm that the game still runs very well with the default 1Ghz settings (I tested it myself).

There’s still work to do on the controls, but as you can already guess this is working very well, and it’s certainly going to be great addition to the Pandora library. By the way, don’t go for the french version with the horrible voice overs.

Just don’t.

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very nice, I had a feeling the Pandora would be powerful enough to run this well.


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