Half Life Running on Pandora!


Many folks have tried throughout the years to make Half Life run in one way or another on the Pandora (mostly via Qemu, with limited success since it was too slow). Half Life is just the kind of game that should run just fine on Pandora based on the specs alone, but simply won’t because it’s closed source and therefore not easily portable. Now, a new opportunity just arrived, with a recreation of the Half Life Engine with Xash3D.

It’s still in beta (PtitSeb is at the port and is fixing some bugs currently) but the release should be pretty close. There’s a bunch of private testers and Ingo has just prepared a video of the single player campaign. See for yourselves:

As well as a multiplayer map (no bots):

It runs quite well honestly, and I’m certainly very excited at the idea of having Half Life playable on the go 🙂 I’ll come back on this when it gets a proper release! Here’s more info about the Xash3D Engine in the meantime.

EDIT (April 23rd) : New video from BAfelton added:

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Damn, this is just so awesome. The Pandora is The Little Engine that Could!