What You Guys Liked on PandoraLive in November


Hey guys, I’m finally back on Pandoralive after one week of vacation (the picture above shows where I was. It was warm and nice. Until I came back…). While I did enjoy my break, I was also eager to get back to writing. Let’s start with a simple post about the most popular articles featured on Pandoralive in the past month. Number 1 is going to be no surprise, but there were some interesting trends in the other ones…

5. PPSSPP Version 0.9.5: What’s New?

This article was just about the recent update of PPSSPP and I have to reckon this new emulator seems to garner a lot of interest among you guys. Well, I’m also very much interested in its development too, since it can now play a good number of PSP games really full speed, so it’s like Christmas before Christmas. This emulator keeps being improved over time so you can expect some additional speedups in a few versions down the road, but it’s already well worth it to try it. Check out the compatibility list, before trying it out.

4. You Really Should Be Using Virtual Desktops

This was a controversial article, not because of its contents but rather because people told me I was rude in there. Now you guys have to calm down, put things in perspective and repeat after me: the Internet is not serious, the Internet is not serious… you’ll feel much better about everything you read from there on, you’ll see. By the way, if you can bear reading this article, you’ll find that virtual desktops can be used in a very clever way on the Pandora. I really, really recommend it. But it’s up to you.

3. Update Your GPU Drivers. Damn it!

A call to arms! So many people are running outdated (and default) drivers on their Pandoras (especially 1Ghz ones), this post was here to remind you that you’d better upgrade. It will remove many glitches that you could find in a number of 3D games. If you haven’t done so, now is the time. Note that this newer driver does not seem to work well on Rebirth or CC units, so keep using the default one unless you have a 1Ghz.

2. 1Ghz Phasing Out, and Successor Announcement

There was an important announcement in the past week, about the short term future of the Pandora production and the upcoming successor. Yes, a successor is in the works, and that’s the good news. You’ll see many details revealed by ED in this post. As for the 1Ghz, this the end of the line, la fin des haricots, since the last units will be produced in the upcoming few months (only 500 parts are left). If you really want one before it runs out… you better order one soon.

1. 1000 Days on Hacker News. My Experience So Far

This is the non-surprise first post for November, which got a good spot of attention on Hacker News’ first page for a while (sufficiently to crash our server). In this one I was describing my own experiences with HN in the past couple of years, and why I’d recommend reading it if you are interested in new startups and new technologies, among other things. If you don’t even know what Hacker News is, you should probably read this article then 🙂

That’s it for today ! Already December, and another break in sight for me in a couple of weeks! And for you guys too, I guess. A couple more weeks to wait…

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Nice summary. Thanks!
So excited for P-Successor. I know it’s gonna kick ass! 🙂