What You Guys Liked in May 2014


May is usually the time for Golden Week in Japan, and I took the advantage of having a few days break to go to Seoul in Korea, which ended giving me an idea for one article on PandoraLive. May is also the season for “Kodomo no Hi” in Japan where Boys are actually celebrated. They get to have these huge “KoiNobori” out there, i.e. colorful carps made of fabric that look like they are jumping out of the water. Very nice, and this is definitely the signal that summer is coming. And nobody likes Summer in Japan, because it’s too darn hot and humid.

Hey, this month I have got an very diverse collection of articles for you. Good stuff covering many topics: Gaming, Porting, Serious stuff you can do with your Pandora, and a non-Pandora article. Two of the 5 articles below made it to the first page of Hacker News, by the way. Always nice to see things spread a little, like jam on toast on a sunny Sunday morning.

5. A Better Gmail Experience on Pandora

I don’t always like what Google does, but I think Gmail is one of the best Email clients out there. Here’s a few recommendations on how to best take advantage of Gmail on your Pandora by using alternative interfaces instead of the regular, javascript-heavy one.

4. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete [PS1]

I came across this excellent RPG last year as I was roaming through old and ancient software in Akihabara in Tokyo. I have recently started playing it and after a couple months on it, I can safely say it’s a great game you should try on Pandora. Check out the article if you want to know more.

3. MarkW: An Unusual Porter

MarkW is one unusual porter on the Pandora. He has mostly worked on very serious applications to turn the Pandora into a full computing device able to do far more than just games. Here’s more about where MarkW came from and what’s his story with the Pandora.

2. Starcraft on Open Pandora

I have had the chance to be in touch with Notaz to know more about what it was like to work on the Starcraft port he released a couple of months back. This is a relatively technical article, but if you are interested in porting, programming and optimization this may be a good read for you.

1. Smartphones in Korea

I have been to Korea in early May, and I was wondering why everyone had such big smartphones everywhere there. Turns out the market for smartphones is quite different from what I expected, based on my experience in Japan. This story made it on the first page of HN and got quite some interest, so you might want to check it out!

June is now here, and I’ll probably take some time to update the theme of PandoraLive a little, as well as fix this annoying issue of server crashes when there’s too many people visiting.

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