What You Guys Liked in March 2014


This marks the end of the first quarter in 2014. That was fast… but at the same time a lot of things have happened and it was another good beginning for the Pandora so far, with the compo entries and the new releases like Starcraft. In Japan March is the end of the School year so you have graduation ceremonies for about all ages (they even have ceremonies from primary school graduation!). In high school, girls usually wear kimono like the ones above in the picture on their graduation day.

Anyway… take your eyes off these girls and let’s go through our monthly top 5.

5. Seriously, Securing a SoC Is NOT Easy

This post from February still got some more views after it made it to Hacker News. It’s another post based on some comments from ED on the boards, focusing on the difficulty for a small company to secure a System-On-Chip (aka SoC) in small quantities, with proper Linux and drivers support. A nice article to read if you want to know more about electronics and the very sensitive issue of parts supply.

4.Linux Gaming Under the Sun in 2014

I’ve been watching closely the landscape of gaming on Linux and there were several developments in the beginning of 2014 where we could see significant progress. While it’s not directly linked with the Pandora, you may be interested to learn more about that makes Linux a better gaming platform as time passes.

3. My Day with the Pandora – Revisited (Ekianjo)

Since my last “My Day with the Pandora” was from early 2013, I thought it was a good time for an update, especially since the way I use my Pandora has changed quite significantly since then. I use it less and less for gaming and more and more as a general tool to do tons of other stuff.

2. Breaking News: StarCraft Running on Pandora

That was the highlight of the month of March for the Pandora: Notaz releasing a port of Starcraft for the Pandora, making the Pandora one of the best platforms out there to play Starcraft on the go. I still hope to have a full article on how Notaz actually achieved this, but this will take some more time (and I’ll need Notaz’s support for this too). We’ll see.

1. A Night at Hacker News Kansai in Japan

Not Pandora related per se, but I wanted to share one more thing I’m involved in on a monthly basis, namely the Hacker News Kansai meetups. It’s definitely aimed at a more hacker crowd (focusing on coding, hardware design, etc…) but there’s definitely an overlap between the Pandora crowd and that one, so it may be of interest to some of you as well. Videos of the February event are included.

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