What You Guys Liked in June 2014


June is already over, and now more than half of 2014 is gone. The soccer World Cup is all the rage on TV but I don’t really have time to watch nor to care about it. After all, the mighty Steam sales ended just a couple of days ago, and now my backlog of games just grew longer. But I’m still finishing most of the games I start. Most. In Japan, June is right in the rainy season, and so far the temperatures have been quite reasonable, and we did not get too much rain either. July, however, should be a different story. Summer is coming.

This past month marked a new high in terms of traffic – it was the best month ever since this site launched in 2013. I was probably lucky that some articles made it to the top of Hacker News. That always helps.

5. The Day of The Pandora

The announcement from ED earlier in June that the Pandora hardware and case files would be opened to the public was already a pretty nice one, but on top of that the MegaPack offered for new Pandora purchases was a cherry on the cake. The offer was only valid in June, so if you were interested in getting a Pandora, I hope you did!

4. Smartphones in Korea

I have been to Korea in early May, and I was wondering why everyone had such big smartphones everywhere there. Turns out the market for smartphones is quite different from what I expected, based on my experience in Japan. This story made it on the first page of HN in May and got quite some interest, so you might want to check it out!

3. Witcher 2: Porting Gone Wrong

Another article that made it to HN’s front page, about the recent “port” of Witcher 2 for Linux… which was not really a port per se, rather using a wrapper around the Windows executable. Not a bad idea per se, but the performance was so terrible, even high end Desktop PCs could not get past a pitiful framerate. A pretty good example of what NOT to do.

2. Oolite: Elite Re-Invented, Open-Source style

A superb article by Milinks from the Pandora boards, covering in depth what Oolite is all about, how it expands on the original Elite game, how OXPs (i.e. mods, extensions) make it even more enjoyable, and how the Pandora version fares versus the PC/Mac/Linux versions.

1. Linux Gaming: An Upward Trend

I just pushed this article a couple of days ago, not expecting much out of it. It quickly jumped to the first position of Hacker News without me noticing, resulting in many interesting comments there (I recommend you check them out). This is about the recent news in the desktop Linux gaming world, following the release of Civilization 5, XCom : Enemy Unknown, and upcoming high profile games for Linux. All in all, it seems that the offer is clearly expanding, and if you are into alternatives to Windows, you should probably check it out for more info.

By the way, we also completed the migration of PandoraLive on a new server, so everything should be a little snappier now. There are however broken links for older articles, so I’ll need to take care of that and fix it at some point… 🙂 Have a great July, whether you have vacation or not!

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