What You Guys Liked in July 2014


I just noticed that I’m almost one month late to tell you what articles were popular in July ! Looks like the heat has got my wits… Well we did not get a great summer in Japan, it’s been hot and rainy and there were more typhoons that we expected. July is also the month of semi (cicadas), these huge alien-like insects making a ton of noise in the trees. They don’t live too long, so by mid-end August they are all gone and dead after partying like crazy for 2-3 weeks at the end of their life. Hey, that’s a pretty cool way to go, if you think about it.

Here goes for the July top 5:

5. How I Optimized F-1 Spirit for Mobile Processors

An excellent article written by PtitSeb himself, describing the process he went through to drastically improve the performance and framerate of his F1 spirits port. If you are keen on technical aspects, this is a great read.

4. Minecraft Running on Pandora!

Yeah, July was also the month when we got for the first time a glimpse on how well Minecraft can run on Pandora after several improvements by PtitSeb and Lunixbochs. It’s nowhere near full speed, 30 fps, but it’s kind of playable but it’s a great proof of concept!

3. Linux Gaming: An Upward Trend

In case you have not noticed it’s not just the Pandora/Pyra world which is getting more active, but also Linux Gaming in general. There’s been many good signs recently about more high profile games showing up sometimes in the near future, and while it won’t replace Windows Gaming anytime soon, it’s certainly becoming fast a viable Gaming platform on its own.

2. A Recent Presentation about the DragonBox Pyra

In Montpellier’s RMLL in July, ED was presenting the Pyra again and you could see a long conference about the subject, and the progress made so far. If you missed it, that’s the last conference given by ED so far (there was no conference at the Gamescom), so it’s still worth catching up.

1. So I Finally Took Time to Make a Game

Sebt3 has been one of the most active porter during the first few years of the Pandora, before PtitSeb arrived and surprised everyone. While Sebt3 seems more or less done with porting, he has been writing and releasing his second game, Schmuppan, a shoot’em up, and in this article he came back on the design and creation process, what worked and what he struggled with. A great read that made it to Hacker News’ front page.

See you very soon for what you guys liked in August 🙂

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