What You Guys Liked in August 2014


August, done! Another month bites the dust! This was a shitty month in Japan though, lots of rain, a couple of typhoons leading to the cancellation of a number of summer festivals (bugger) while I still had the chance to see the Awa Odori festival in Tokushima, which was a great as ever (see pic). It was a little bit quiet on the Pandora scene, probably because of vacations, by the Pyra was presented at the GamesCom in Germany and attracted many people.

Here goes for the August top 5:

5. Minecraft Running on Pandora!

Looks like Minecraft is still causing ripples in the Open Pandora World, since this article was already in the top 5 in July ! By the way a new version of Minecraft is out (1.8) and PtitSeb is apparently preparing an updated launcher to support it.

4. The Pandora from a Developer’s Eye

A recent article following the presentation of the DragonBox Pyra at the Gamescom in Germany, focusing on the dev side. PtitSeb and Notaz were there during the show and took some time to try to compile stuff for the devboard. Not everything went smoothly, and it’s actually cool to see what’s happening behind the scenes, and what to expect from the Pyra in terms of performance.

3. Starcraft on Open Pandora: How the Port Came to Be

At first I was not sure here why this “older” article suddenly came back in the spotlight. Then I realized that it was coming from this article posted on Hack a Day about the ARM port on the Pandora. Seems like tons of people are reading that blog 🙂

2. So I Finally Took Time to Make a Game

Sebt3 has been one of the most active porter during the first few years of the Pandora, before PtitSeb arrived and surprised everyone. While Sebt3 seems more or less done with porting, he has been writing and releasing his second game, Schmuppan, a shoot’em up, and in this article he came back on the design and creation process, what worked and what he struggled with. A great read that made it to Hacker News’ front page, and that remained a popular read even in August.

1. Flappy Bird: What I Did For The Pandora Version

In August I ported a clone of Flappy Bird I could find on GitHub, and added a number of modifications to make it more appropriate for the Pandora. I added C4A support as and since then it’s been one of the most popular games for online competition (note that it’s one of the games to compete on C4A in this September). In this article I came back on the changes I did on the code. Modifying someone else’s code can be very stimulating, to see what you can change, break and improve on.

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A small title mistake for the 4. 😉