What You Guys Liked in January 2015

Oh it’s been a while I did not do one of those posts to let you know about all the great articles that you missed. You know, you get SO MUCH quality contact here that you tend to be drowned in it, hehe. Let’s stop the fake praise and let’s get down the business. Which articles were the most popular in January, that is.

Here goes for the January 2015 top 5:

5. SyncThing, the New Contender to Sync Folders

Dropbox was the first option to do so, but unfortunately we are missing an ARM client to make this run on Pandora. Then came Bittorrent Sync, a good solution working on ARM Linux as well but devoid of open source code, again. Not super convincing, security wise. Now comes Syncthing, still in alpha/beta, but already working pretty well and finally completely Free Software. This article will show you how to set it up and use it on Pandora.

4. PCSX ReARMed now with DSP Support

Notaz took the world by surprise again by implementing hardware DSP support for his build of PCSXReARMed, the already excellent PS1 simulator ! DSP support helps lower the CPU load during the emulation by taking care of the audio part as a parallel thread.

3. Minecraft Running on Pandora!

Really, again ? It’s probably derived from Minecraft google searches… because this article is nothing new, it’s more than 6 months old by now.

2. How TinyGLES made Uplink possible on Open Pandora

Another work of art by Lunixbochs, even if it did not get much press coverage. Too bad, because in terms of speed improvement this is as good as it gets, with an earlier build of Uplink running only at 2-3 FPS and the latest versions going in the high 60s in FPS, thanks to his work on TinyGLES. It’s time to find out more if you missed that, since he gave more details for this article on how this all came together very nicely.

1. Speeding Up PS1 Emulation with OMAP’s DSP

Now about everyone should be aware of Notaz’s fantastic work on this emulator, as mentioned above. This articles comes back on the performance side of things and provides a number of benchmarks on different games so you can see for yourself what difference the DSP makes. On top of that, I asked Notaz for additional clarifications regarding his work on this update, so it’s well worth hearing from the masters themselves as well.

By the way, we are soon going to celebrate the 2 years of PandoraLive… just a few more weeks to go.

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