What You Guys Liked in January 2014


Here’s a picture above from the Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day) in Japan where youngsters celebrate the fact that they turn 20. They can finally drink alcohol and smoke (legally) from there on, and get their lung cancer 20 years later like everyone else! Other than that… January passed pretty fast. Just coming back from holidays, then plunging back into the daily routine, and there you go, it’s over before you know it! I don’t know about you, but having a cold winter makes me sleepy as well, so I don’t feel I get as much stuff done during that season either… Anyway, January was a good month for Pandoralive with many visits, and here’s a rundown of what was popular.

5. My Day With The Pandora (FZero)

FZero is a very active community member while he was very late to the Pandora party (he has only received his Pandora a couple of months back!). Therefore his impressions on his first few weeks with the machine hands on was… priceless. Well worth a read or re-read!

4. What to Expect From the FOSDEM 2014 ?

The FOSDEM has just closed its doors and this article was about what we should expect from such an event, DragonBox Pyra-wise. And we were not disappointed. I recommend you check the recent article I have just published regarding what was unveiled about the Pyra.

3. 2013, An Excellent Year for the Pandora

2013 was indeed a grand cru if you pardon the oenological comparison, with a very active community, tons of impressive software releases and things getting progressively better on the hardware/distribution side as well. It’s always good to have a look back at what was achieved.

2. How I Ended up in a Smash Bros. Tournament

My finnish friend mmkALLL (I can never write his alias correctly) has been taking part in Smash Bros competitions for a while now, and I was interested to hear more about what led him to such activities. So he wrote this article about this very peculiar underground fighting scene. Don’t miss the follow up article as well.

1. Etherpad: Edit Stories Across Computers

When I wrote this article about Etherpad-Lite, I was only thinking that nobody would really be interested by this service, but nonetheless useful for a few people. I was actually surprised that this article made it to the first page of Hacker News (not the top, of course) and got quite a few clicks. Well, it’s actually a very nice (and simple) alternative to google docs, and I’d recommend you have a look at it anyway.

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