What You Guys Liked in February 2014


In February the main stuff that’s been unavoidable in Japan is the Valentine Day celebrations. I don’t really like that kind of pure marketing events, since in Japan it’s a mandatory tradition for women to buy and give chocolates both to their male co-workers (obligation so they are called giri-choko), and their special person (honmei choko). If your special person happens to be at work (or in school) and you are seen giving them honmei choco then you’re in for some good gossiping, another favorite national passtime of people in Japan. Anyway, this whole farce is all about selling chocolate, and the relevant companies make sure you don’t forget to spend your hard-earned money. In the meantime, somewhere else in the world, here’s what you were reading on PandoraLive…

5. 1Ghz Phasing Out, and Successor Announcement

A relatively old article, coming back to the surface because of the recent news regarding the Pyra. If you missed it, you can get to read what the Pyra is about, but you might as well check the new Page I created about the Pyra since there’s more information there.

4. PPSSPP Better Than Ever!

Late January PtitSeb released a new version of the PPSSPP emulator, and it’s probably the best version so far. Why ? Well, you should read the article. Alright, I’ll digest it for you: a) this version is a little bit faster for some games, b) more games are now full speed, c) some regressions have been corrected… and if you want more details, you know what you have to do !

3. So What’s the DragonBox Pyra Like ? [ FOSDEM ]

The FOSDEM was when we started to know much more about the upcoming Pandora successor, called the DragonBox Pyra. Evil Dragon was on stage to show and explain the design philosophy and what had to be improved, and there was a development board showing off what the Pyra could be expected to do in the future.

2. How To Develop a PCB on a Low Budget

As part of the development updates, ED had an interesting post on the boards where he was explaining more in details how the PCB development was progressing, what were the challenges and what shortcuts they were trying to take. A very interesting article for anyone interested in electronics.

1. Seriously, Securing a SoC Is NOT Easy

No surprise here, as this post made it to Hacker News and received numerous comments there too. Another post based on some comments from ED on the boards, this one focused on the difficulty for a small company to secure a System-On-Chip (aka SoC) in small quantities, with proper Linux and drivers support. As far as I know, the final decision for the SoC has not been made yet, while we assume OMAP5 from TI is the most likely candidate. Anyway, another nice article to read if you want to know more about electronics and the very sensitive issue of parts supply.

February was also the month of record visits on PandoraLive, so thank you all visitors for your interest! I’ll keep trying to have worthy content for you here. And PandoraLive just turned one year old, by the way 🙂

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