What You Guys Liked in December 2013


Oh, another late post. I realized I forgot to let you know which were the most popular posts you checked in December on Pandoralive. Well, better late than never, just in case you missed something awesome a couple of weeks back…

5. My Day With The Pandora (ShenMue)

Our friend ShenMue from the boards is well known for making embarrassing claims now and then, but he’s a nice guy who loves his Pandora nonetheless. His guest post about his own Pandora usage is a nice read, and you’ll feel sorry for his 2 hours he has to spend on the bus twice a day. That’s tough, seriously.

4. Update Your GPU Drivers. Damn it!

Yeah, you really should, especially if you have a 1Ghz model. The default driver for 1Ghz is not the best, and causes glitches in many 3D games. In this article you’ll see how to get a better and more recent driver, painlessly. No excuse now to stay with obsolete drivers!

3. Reicast is the New Santa

This was a late article since it was published just a couple of days before Christmas, but hey, that’s not everyday you get to see a Dreamcast emulator released on Pandora! Reicast is indeed fantastic, even in its alpha version. It’s still not full speed on Pandora, but we may be slowly getting there. Who knows?

The next two articles are all about the Pandora’s successor, and that’s hardly surprising to see such news coming at the top of your reading list. There’s strong interest in the community.

2. The Name of the Successor

The first one was about the poll launched by ED to decide on a final name for the successor. At the time of writing, DragonBox was the winner, but after that, another poll was created to have a name in two parts, DragonBox being the brand, and xxx being the model name. Well, the model name has been decided already and it will be called Pyra. So, DragonBox Pyra it is!

1. 1Ghz Phasing Out, and Successor Announcement

This piece of news was especially important since it marked the first official announcement from ED to commit on a model following the current ones… and announcing at the same time the end of the current 1Ghz model (due to the lack of parts!). Many details were revealed, such as many of the potential specs and dimensions, yet there are still several unknowns at this stage… the main one being its availability. My guess is that we’ll see nothing in our hands until at least 2015, but I may be wrong.

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