What You Guys Liked in April 2014

April was so-so in Japan. The weather has been unstable, the cherry blossoms were great but really, really too short this year again (about a week and that’s it! The picture above is from Yawata-shi in the Kansai area, a great spot by the way) – so we only had a single hanami party, which is kind of disappointing. But we had tons of good stuff related to the Pandora and Pyra to keep us busy. Maybe you missed some of these excellent articles that Everyone had been talking about…?

Without further due, here’s the top 5 for April:

5. My Day with The Pandora (Ziz)

Ziz is one of the original games creators on Pandora, and he recently wanted to share some of his experiences with the Pandora on the road during his recent trip in Romania. A very nice read with cool pictures from the places he visited.

4. ZDoom, GZDoom and their Mods. Are They any Good ?

Since I did not know much about Doom mods in the first place, I decided that the recent release of ZDoom was the perfect excuse to dive into the world of Doom fans and their creations. Little did I know that the library of mods out there was so massive… this clearly opens up a whole world of possibilities for the Pandora, and you can discover some it through this article.

3. Enjoy High Resolution Using DisplayLink with your Pandora

A guest post by Takedown, coming back on how to use DisplayLink together with your Pandora. DisplayLink is a USB device that enables the redirection of your video signal to the USB port, making it possible to display a full desktop at high resolution on an external monitor using your Pandora. This is not fit for gaming or video playback, but for other standard uses this is very interesting, while a little bit CPU intensive.

2. The Latest XBMC running on Pandora!

PtitSeb had the good taste to port XBMC not too long ago, making it suddenly possible to access tons of online contents via XBMC plugins. The perfect software companion for your Pandora connected to a TV-out cable. Note that you’ll need either a Wifi dongle or a LAN adapter to stream content properly with your Pandora, most Pandora’s internal wifi being too unreliable for video streaming.

1. This is What the Pyra May Look Like

As the weeks and month go, the Pyra is becoming more and more of a reality, and ED has recently shared some information and visuals regarding the look of the Pyra, at least under its prototype form. This post was an attempt to simulate what the Pyra would look like in the end, fully assembled. All in all, it will be quite similar to the Pandora, while there are some subtle differences…

So that was April. May seems to be getting warmer and warmer, so hopefully we can leave Winter behind for good and enjoy a better season with longer days very soon. Expect more Pyra news as well, and more coverage on PandoraLive!

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