Grooveshark: Listening to Music Online on Pandora

You probably know, especially if you live in the US, that nowadays there are tons of services to listen to Music online (usually for free, at least for simple functions). Grooveshark is one of them. And you know what? It works on Pandora, too. Isn’t that a great way to use the excellent audio capabilities of your beloved machine?

This is nothing really new, but Grooveshark has an HTML5 version of its application, which was designed in the first place to bypass the removal of the Grooveshark applications from the Apple Store and the Android store (copyright issues). HTML5 is great since it can be used in any HTML5 compliant browser. And the Pandora has several ones.

I used Qupzilla and pointed it to , and while there are some issues (see below), it’s completely functional and it works great when I plug my Pandora in my big Marrantz amplifier.

Obviously it’s not FLAC level quality, but it’s a decent radio replacement, where you can actually search for songs to stream instead of being stuck with a playlist.

By the way the full screen mode of Qupzilla gives you a lot of screen estate :

Well, actually, while it works well on Pandora with Qupzilla, there were a couple of issues with every browser I tried:

  • Firefox 23: the page loads up fine but the music refuses to play.
  • Arora: the page loads up fine, the music plays fine too, but the search box on the top left is inactive (the other search box works, however), and you cannot scroll down for more songs… which is a bit annoying if you are looking for a specific song!
  • Qupzilla: this is the browser which works the best, but somehow the text on the buttons does not show up at all, and the text is missing from the radios menus as well.

I did not try any other one, since these are the browsers with the best HTML5 compatibility based on my browser test done earlier this year on Pandora.

So there you have it. I’d recommend using Qupzilla for this purpose since it works the best, while I’m hoping there could/will be an easy fix to ensure the text of the menus show up.

In case you know a fix, please post it in the comments 🙂

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Grooveshark works for me in firefox 23 using flash 11.1. No special workaround needed, just allow flash execution and play the music. The gui is kind of slow though.