From DraStic to Hunger


Recently I was just mentioning the excellent DraStic emulator and its development, and this just reminded me of Professor Layton, the famous puzzle-based adventure game series. This, in turn, reminded me of something else I saw in a store in Japan recently, something edible. So there you have it, from DraStic to Hunger.

Here’s the thing that you could find in Japan not too long ago. Yeah, sometimes Marketing gets really smart here and has some super good ideas. Seriously.


Glico, the chocolate maker, made a special “Layton” inspired box, called “A chocolate for when you are in a puzzle break”. They won’t win any award for the shortest product name for sure, but the presentation and packaging was extremely well thought of, and as you can guess, when you open the box…


… you get a puzzle on a card! That’s where the product name matches the concept… especially since you get chocolates right under that puzzle card, with individual packaging showing pictures of the main characters in the games.


Very, very well done. And you know what? Even the chocolate is not some kind of cheap shit. It’s actually pretty good and decent for something of this range of prices in Japan.


I guess this was all a little bit out of topic. DraStic, Professor Layton, Glico, Chocolate. Sometimes you let your mind wander and you end up with these wierd kind of posts that have nothing to do on Pandoralive.

But that’s part of the fun. You don’t know what’s coming next. Maybe I’ll do a vacuum cleaner review one of these days.

Stay tuned and calm down on the chocolate. Too much ain’t good for ya.

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LOL! That is very cool! I wonder if Glico export a version with English packaging, like they do with Pocky… I might have to wander down to the local asian grocery store to see if they stock it.

– Neelix


Ah, Glico. Most famous (in Britain at least) a couple of years ago for the invasion of Pocky in shelves in every supermarket (albeit in only a couple of flavours). Sadly, out of my price range for a regular treat, and soon enough one of the western manufacturers (probably Nestle, but I forget) had produced their own copy of it for a few pence less (but still in the luxury end of the price range).