Expect More From The Twitter Feed


I really haven’t been using Twitter much until now for PandoraLive. So far it’s automatically sending a post on the twitter feed every time a new article is published. But this is going to change, and you can expect to see some more info through the Twitter Feed that you just don’t get from the website.

Sometimes I want to share some short news about the Pandora community, the repo releases or gaming in general but they would not be worth full blown articles. Sometimes I don’t feel like spending 2 hours to write a piece, attach pictures and check it 5 times before pushing it. Because it’s not worth it.


For these situations, that’s when I would use Twitter. I am not fond of social networks (I have no love for Facebook and the like) but I am neutral about Twitter. They have managed to keep their service relatively clean and reasonable. So, if you don’t want to miss anything at all about the Pandora or my daily rants, you’d better subscribe here:


Otherwise, rest assured there will be no change of contents on Pandoralive. This is just another channel for you to get more info. A little more cream on the cake.

Let me know how you like it!

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