Easy BlueTooth Audio. Finally !

The bluetooth function of the Pandora must have been one of the most underused ones since its launch. There’s only one time that I think I was able to use it: for connecting it to a bluetooth GPS. And… that’s it. BT Audio never worked for me (even in Slackware) despite the Pandora managing to connect and pair with other devices. With the new firmware 1.74, we finally get working bluetooth for audio streaming. YES.

It’s not easy as, let’s say, “Smartphone-kind of easy”, but for us Pandora owners, tweaking around with config files a little is not something out of the ordinary. The first thing you need to do is to declare that you have a bluetooth companion hardware somewhere in your vicinity in the asound config file:

cut paste

Once you are done, you can now pair with your device, and start an audio player such as…

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It works well on the Kodi PND, you just need to specify the BT Audio device in Setting -> System->Audio Output


why do you think bluetooth audio only works after an update to 1.74?
What changes does 1.74 bring which would affect bluetooth functionality?


i dont think so.
i got bt audio running in 1.73 without issues.