Dune Dynasty on Pandora: Awesome Nostalgia!


I don’t usually post right after something comes out. You know, there’s a lot of new stuff or updates every week and a busy man like myself has no time to check everything out. But today it’s a little big different. Yesterday Dune Dynasty was released by PtitSeb, and this is so good I had to talk about it. Yes, immediately.

Dune II is probably the first ever RTS (real-time-Strategy) game ever invented on computers in the early 90s. It was the predecessor for many high profile games like Command & Conquer or Total Annihilation. Yet it still remained one of the very best RTS made so far, because the world was so very well tied up together with the gameplay itself. The game is loosely based on the Dune novels, bur rather uses them as a background to simulate a full scale war between three factions, the Harkonnens, the Atreides and the Ordos.


But enough said. Dune II is so famous and well known that there is no need to spend so much time remembering the past here. What we have right now in our hands, however, is a remake of the Dune II engine called Dune Dynasty, using the Allegro 5 game library. While we used to have a port of the OpenDune engine in last year (2012), it was not very well supported, especially on the sound level: the music was slow and prone to disruption is the best way to say it. Sadly, music is one of the best elements in Dune II, since the game features dynamic changes depending on the action on screen. While the quality was poor at the time (AdLib) the tracks were memorable and got your adrenaline up at the right time.


This Dune Dynasty port is, however, perfect. The music works just like it should, and everything is smooth even at 600 Mhz. The engine remake adds many new features, like reduced icons for the build menu to maximize the action on screen, and practical stuff such as selection of multiple units at once. This is something that Dune II really lacked at the time, especially when you had dozens of units to control and micromanage on screen. On top of that, you get several levels of zoom that you can activate wih A or B button.

It plays awesomely well on the Pandora. This is probably the best part, since it’s so easy to move your finger from one button to the other and react in no time. It just WORKS and you will soon forget the controls to dive completely in the game. Here’s a short video, by the way, of me playing the Harkonnens against the Ordos.

So you know what to do. Just grab the PND from the repo or through PNDManager. And that’s it. You do not even need to worry about getting the Dune II game files since the installer will get them for you automatically (thanks Milkshake (edited) and thanks Westwood for making the game freeware). So in no time you will be playing again one of the best games of the 90s, in the palm of your hands, without any pain.

And it will be up to you to make the Spice Flow.

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What? It wasn’t pickle that did the download scrip for the dune 2 files it was me 😛 apart from that good review.


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“The spice must flow.” – Right on! I used to play Dune II on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. Never beat it, though. Maybe I’ll give this version a try.