DragonBox Pyra: Another Milestone Achieved


A few days ago EvilDragon from DragonBox has announced that a new milestone has been achieved for the Pyra. The PCB design has been completed and fully documented, and the team is now moving to the prototyping stage.

As per EvilDragon’s post itself:

Finally, the full schematics for the Pyra have been finished by Nikolaus early last week!
Which means, that the hardware is basically done – the only thing left to do is to translate the schematics into the layout of the PCB.

The following steps are:

  • Finalizing the layout of the PCB – by December (TBC)
  • Prototype run (15 units) – before the end of December (TBC)
  • Refined Case 3D print – by December (TBC)
  • Keyboard layout to be finalized – by December (TBC)

At this stage it’s still unsure whether they can stay on this schedule and whether prototyping will actually happen in this year, but the good thing is that it’s getting very close nonetheless.

As you can imagine, there will probably be issues found after the first prototype run. Which means another run will be required to fix most bugs, and who knows, maybe a third one as well. If everything is moving relatively smoothly, this means the Pyra prototype could be finalized by February/March. At least Q1-Q2 2015 seems more or less given.

On a side note, you may be aware that there were issues related to the nubs planned for the Pyra: while they were working great in the prior tests done, they were unfortunately reaching EOL (end of life). And those were EOL because of too few production orders, based on a recent conversation ED had with the company designing it. More precisely, not everything is actually EOL…

The only EOL part of the nub is the mechanical one which is basically a disc with springs that move a magnet. The electrical part (which is simply a hall sensor) is available without any issues.

ED has decided to place an order for these current nubs before they go completely EOL, by December, for 10 000 units – which should cover the first 5000 Pyras to be produced. Once these units are done, if the Pyras sell very fast, another comparable order could be placed later. If the Pyras sell slowly, then another solution will be needed at some point.

Connection-wise, ED has also confirmed that he could find an antenna that can fit the PCB allocated space, and should enable 3G/4G on the Pyra.

Overall, it seems more and more likely that one could order (and receive?) a Pyra in the course of 2015, which is good news as the current Pandora runs out of stock and everyone would welcome a clear hardware upgrade.

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Godspeed, Dragonboxship!


Excellent progress!